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Tokyo A Go Go Treats

Tokyo A Go Go Treats

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! This past weekend, my brother and sister in law came up for a visit from Atlanta, Georgia. My sister in law, Megan was recently in Tokyo, Japan for work and my brother, Peter, flew out to spend some time with her there. In my family, having a sibling that recently traveled means viewing lots of pictures, listening to stories, and PRESENTS! Take a looksee at what Peter and Megan gifted me with all the way from Tokyo and let’s discuss:


^^^ In case you can’t tell, the pictures above showcase a lovely little coin purse and folded fan a la Japan! 😉

I am so obsessed with my new coin purse it isn’t even funny. I have been using the same old change purse (A freebie from Victoria’s Secret.) for literal years, but would never buy a new one for myself.

  1. I like my old one well enough.
  2. It was free.
  3. Is a new one really necessary?

So obviously, I was really excited to be gifted with a new one, because the chances of me purchasing or even thinking of looking for a new coin purse were slim to none. I love the bright colors, the slightly different front and back, and the separator in the bag. I keep little trinkets that make me smile in my coin purse, so now I can have one side for those and one side for my change without mixing the two up and handing a cashier a cute, heart shaped button. Great success!

And, of course, I love my new fan. I have wanted a folded fan like this for forever, because I am extra enough to keep one in my bag and whip it out when I’m in a stuffy location. Now that I finally have a fan to do this with, it definitely sucks that winter is coming in hot on the horizon – because that’s the only thing warm about Ohio right now. However, I am SUPER happy about this beautiful, traditional prezzie and I can’t wait for when the day comes that I can take it out of my bag and start fanning myself in public!

Even though presents are nice, they are certainly not necessary. This is why I am always so excited to be gifted with something, because I was thought of enough for the gifter to make the purchase. Peter and Megan were spot on with the treasures that they bought for me and it gave me all the warm fuzzies. Not to mention that it was a total blast hanging out with them this weekend! :*)

So there you have it, some Tokyo A Go Go Treats! Which locations are on your travel bucket list? How do you preserve memories while you’re traveling? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Weekend Wedding Reminder

Weekend Wedding Reminder

Helloooo everyone and TGIF! I’m just dropping in to let you lovelies know that I will be MIA this weekend because it’s my brother’s wedding! Hurray! I’m actually writing this post on Thursday and scheduling it for today because my family and I will be leaving around nine o’clock this morning to get to the destination. I won’t be home until Sunday evening but you can expect to hear from me for the usual Monday Update. Until then, enjoy exploring the archives of lifewithlilred and have a fabulous weekend! Before we go our separate ways, crank up the wedding themed tunes, take a look at some pics of the happy couple, and read some sweet sentiments from yours truly!


Dear Peter and Megan,

I love you both so much and am so thrilled that you’re finally tying the knot! I really admire your love and devotion for one another. It has been a pleasure watching you grow together over your seven year relationship, which is a really long time! Holy smokes! I am super excited to see what the future holds for both of you and for me too, for that matter. Yes, me too, because you gain a wife but I get a new sister!! Megan, prepare yourself for lots of shopping, getting our nails done, and eating Taco Bell four times a day! Welcome to the family and the sisterhood of Lil Red. Sincerest congratulations to my favorite newlyweds and have the best time ever on your honeymoon! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!! ❤ Sarah

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend – I know I will! What is your favorite wedding themed memory? Do you have any words of advice for Peter and Megan? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah