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Hawthorne Heights Concert Recap

Hawthorne Heights Concert Recap

Hiii guys! I hope you’re having an awesome start to your week so far! So on Friday I had the pleasure of seeing my friends in Millstone perform as the openers for Hawthorne Heights at The Outpost in Kent, Ohio. I got to spend the day with the band and my boyfriend, Kyle, and it was honestly one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. Take a listen to Millstone’s debut full length album, The Dreams We Don’t Remember, and then let’s discuss:

Kyle and I had a somewhat early day on Friday, because we had to drive from Canton to Highland Square in Akron to meet up with the Millstone boys to help assemble all of their equipment for the show. Lucky for me, since I was the only girl all I had to do was watch as the guys did all of the grunt work! I did carry a few guitars though, so I guess you can say that I helped. 😉 After a break for a late Chipotle lunch, we (and by we I mean everyone but me) gathered the last of the amps and instruments into various cars and headed for The Outpost.

Once we arrived at the venue, all of the gear had to be hauled out of the car and onto the stage so everything was ready for the big show. A lot of other local bands were performing as well so tons of musicians were already there preparing for their set upon our arrival. It was basically like being in a co-ed fraternity for musicians and their friends. Thanks to the helping hands of people at The Outpost and the adrenaline for the evening kicking in, we were able to unload the car in record speed, which left us enough time to get some margaritas at Salsita’s, a Mexican restaurant down the street.

It was so much fun hanging out with the band, mutual friends, and my man in such a relaxed environment after a semi stressful afternoon. We got hella pitchers of raspberry margaritas and enjoyed our time out until the Millstone members had to get back to the venue. By the time we got back to The Outpost, bands were already performing on the multiple stages in the building. Kyle and I opted for a spot out on the patio where we had some time to kill with friends for two or so hours until Millstone was ready for their set. We had a few more drinks and I got to meet a lot of Kyle’s friends who I’ve heard so much about, so that was awesome!

Millstone was due to perform at 9:30 and we were all getting really excited. By the time they were getting themselves together on stage, I was lightweight freaking out from happiness for them. The last time I wrote about Millstone, their guitarist, Adam, told me that he would love to have the band eventually open for Hawthorne Heights and here they were a few months later doing the damn thing! Millstone one hundred and fifty percent annihilated their set. They sounded so amazing and were so much fun to watch. It was so cool to see their music come to life off of their album and to see all of the guys let their individual personalities shine through on stage. Millstone killed it like no other and I was so proud to be watching them in the audience.

After an amazing performance by my friends, it was time for Hawthorne Heights to take the stage. As I mentioned before, I saw HH live when I was sixteen or so and it was awesome. All of my emo kid fantasies of meeting the band and crying to “Ohio Is For Lovers” came true that night, so needless to say, I was pretty fucking stoked to see them again…And then, Hawthorne Heights appeared on stage…Oh.

As soon as the guys came on, I only recognized two of the band mates who I originally saw all of those years ago, which was kind of disappointing – but don’t even get me started on their appearances. All of the Hawthorne Heights players looked old, overweight, and tired. They were not the energetic and charismatic guys I saw five years ago. Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have been so upset about the guys not living up to my memories appearance-wise BUT their music didn’t sound very good either. They mostly played songs off of The Silence In Black And White but all of it sounded slow and toned down. It was like watching a really bad cover band competing in a battle of the bands competition…It was shameful.

About three songs into their set, I was bored to tears, I wasn’t anywhere near as emotional as I wanted to be, and I just really wanted to go home…And that’s what we did. After a long day and despite not even bothering to stick around for “Ohio Is For Lovers”, Kyle and I left The Outpost and returned back to his place for Taco Bell and an episode of Dexter before bed. A perfect end to a perfect day!

So there you have it, the Hawthorne Heights Concert Recap! What did you guys think of Millstone’s album that I posted the link for? Have any of you had an experience similar to what I described when I saw Hawthorne Heights perform again? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Hawthorne Heights Concert!

Hawthorne Heights Concert!

Heyyy guys and TGIF! I’m actually prewriting this post before I leave for my boyfriend’s for the night because I won’t have a lot of time tomorrow to fill you in on the exciting day! My friends at Millstone will be the opening act for Hawthorne Heights’ show at The Outpost in Kent, Ohio and we’re all very excited! Make sure you check out my article about Millstone on http://www.lifewithlilred.com and enjoy this classic Hawthorne Heights emo kid anthem:

So yes, Millstone, a band who I’ve worked with and a band who Kyle knows very personally considering the lead singer is his best friend will be opening for my angsty teen favorite, Hawthorne Heights. I actually met the guys of HH when I was sixteen or so when they played at Musica in Akron and they were awesome. All of them were so sweet and genuine and I still have the pictures, my autographed Silence In Black and White album, and the guitar pick belonging to the lead singer, JT, to this day. Not only were they a joy to chat with, but they killed their set as well!

Kyle and I are both thrilled for our Millstone friends and we’re going to arrive at the venue early to help in any way we can, so we’re gonna have a busy day tomorrow! But fear not, I’ll be back for the usual Monday Update and Man Crush Monday segments, so make sure you tune back in with me on the twenty-eighth for more of the latest and greatest! Until then, what is everyone up to this weekend? Any concerts or big plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Emo Kid Anthems

Emo Kid Anthems

Lol. Hey guys. So this weekend has been less than ideal, so naturally in true emo kid fashion I’ve been a whiny little bitch. But you know what helped up my angst and make me even more annoying to myself and others? The tried and true emo kid anthems that the world has come to either love or make fun of over the years. I listened to a lot of these tracks over the weekend and found myself rolling my eyes at what a stereotypical emo I was being. AFI? Hawthorne Heights? The Used? Le sigh, it was all there in one big melodramatic bitch fit. So here they are, the “old faithfuls” of Lil Red’s emo world:

Taking Back Sunday – “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)”: Oh yes. This is a good one. I hopped on the Taking Back Sunday train a few years ago, and have NO RAGRETS! (If you’ve seen “We’re The Millers” you’ll appreciate that reference!) But anyways, this song is a fuckin classic. An emo kid staple if you will. This track was popular for me this weekend because it literally calls out the one thing that was causing some of my distress: liars. Who doesn’t love wailing the chorus to this song while pretending you’re screaming it to everyone who’s ever uttered a falsity to you that ended up hurting you in the long run? I love it.

AFI – “Silver and Cold”: The emotional impact that this song has had on me throughout the years is unmatched by probably 99% percent of my music collection. This song came out when I was fourteen and I vividly remember being moved to tears when I first heard it. The true beauty of this song? That it still makes me cry and tugs at my heart strings as if I’m hearing it for the first time. I’ll be a faithful AFI fan until the day I die, and this song is a beautiful testament to who they are as a band. Davey Havok boasts some of the most gorgeous vocals ever and the pure poetry of the lyrics is mesmerizing. I have every AFI album in my collection and this is the first song I always end up playing every time I feel like hearing them. #dedication

Hawthorne Heights – “Ohio Is For Lovers”: Alright, honestly I was going to pick another song from the album “The Silence In Black And White” because I felt that this list was getting too stereotypical. But then I remembered that we’re talking about emo kid anthems here and this song was and still is an anthem for so many people – including myself. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Hawthorne Heights when I saw them playing in Akron and they’re so fantastic. So chill and down to earth. J.T. actually gave me his guitar pick which I still treasure to this day. This track has the ability to take me either to a very dark or completely amazing place whenever I hear it. It all depends on my mood – BUT no matter what that mood is, I still absolutely love hearing this song. #ohiorepresent #akrowdy

The Used – “Bulimic”: So emo. So perfect. Everything about this song speaks to me. From the lyrics, the vocals, the instruments, to the title itself this song sums up some very real feelings for me. “I’m about to do all of the things I’ve dreamed of and I don’t even miss you at all.” I absolutely LOVE that. There’s something so empowering about that lyric to me. It’s not in the slightest way profound or well worded but that’s okay. Sometimes the simplest lyrics that everyone is thinking are the best. I love when I have that feeling, that “I’m going to succeed and you can go fuck yourself” feeling. This song makes me sad but it also makes me feel like I can do anything without anyone and that’s why it’s a fantastic emo kid anthem.

Brokencyde – “Schizophrenia”: I only have four words to say for my explanation of this song, and it goes as follows….JUDGE ME FOR IT.

The Front Bottoms – “The Beers”: I know, I know – this is a song that typically wouldn’t fall into the “emo” category BUT this track bums me out, so it’s emo enough for me. “Cause the cops are coming in, a type of sobering up, as the girl who never learned that I could not give a fuck.” That lyric makes me feel some type of way, that’s for sure. Everything about this song just works SO WELL. It’s so melancholy, the guys voice is hypnotizing, and the lyrics are quirky and weirdly profound. “I look in your windows and I am trying not to stare and hold onto hope I’m sure was never even there.” YES. So much yes. That basically sums up my life…minus the staring into windows part. #emokid

Hollywood Undead – “Undead”: Lol I LOVE THIS SONG. I feel like such a badass when I play it. An angsty, mopey, badass….it’s absolutely fantastic. I remember playing this song in the car with my sister and we would just sit around and soak up each others emoness. I admit that the song completely sucks, but that’s okay, because fast forward three years later from cranking this song in the car and I still like it – AND STILL CRANK IT IN THE CAR!!!! SUE ME FOR IT.

Dance Club Massacre – “Murders Come With Smiles”: I have to be in just the right emo mood to wanna listen to Dance Club Massacre, because they’re pretty hardcore. Usually this mood has anger thrown into it, which is the only time I actually want to listen to straight up metal. This track makes me want to scream into a pillow and throw stuff….that’s how you know a song is powerful, right? Metal isn’t one of my favorite genres in the world, but there really is no denying this bands talent. The things that the vocalist can do with his voice are fucking astounding. I WISH that I could do that. Being a metal screamer would be the coolest talent ever to have up the back of your sleeve. Say you’re at a party for example, and someone asks what you like to do for fun. Then you can say something along the lines of “this” and proceed to scream “Murders Come With Smiles” for five and a half minutes.

Cage – “Suicidal Failure”: I fuckin adore Cage. This is actually a rap song for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, but Cage dabbles in horror core a lot, particularly in this track. The lyrics in this song are so raw and disgusting and I love every minute of it. “Cut my wrist and walked past some crips bleedin red
in hopes that I get shot in the fuckin head.” #damn I like playing this song when I’m driving because I’m still emo BUT I feel kind of gangster…it’s a fantastic combination. You should try it sometime.

AFI – “Miss Murder”: If I wanted to, I could make a whole blog post about AFI emo anthems, but I figured putting them twice on this list is good enough. I feel like this song is so loved by emos and non-emos alike, which is great because this song is amazing and deserves to be loved. I had this ex-boyfriend who used to make fun of me for liking AFI because he said they were whiny. But years after we broke up, I posted this video on my Facebook and HE LIKED IT. So even the people who say they hate AFI secretly love them, and I have the proof from that fateful like! This song is terrific. Point blank. Period. Everyone from the super tight pants wearing emos to a sixty year old woman (AKA my mom – she likes AFI!) can get down to this song…and for that…I salute you, AFI.

So there you have it, my top ten Emo Kid Anthems! What songs would you include in an emo kid playlist? What’s your all time favorite emo track? I’m always up for music suggestions and I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah