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Great Deal Alert: Pacifica Lip Balm Multipack

Great Deal Alert: Pacifica Lip Balm Multipack

Hello! I recently discovered Pacifica lip balm and it is, hands down, the BEST balm that I have ever used. After suffering from severely chapped and cracked lips for weeks on end, the Rainbow Watermelon balm came through in the clutch. In under a week, my lips were completely healed and had never felt softer or more hydrated. I used the Pacifica balm religiously and was so upset when I finished the tube in its entirety in less than a month. Nothing beats the satisfaction one feels after using up a chapstick, but I was kicking myself in the butt for not buying more at TJMaxx when I had the chance!

About a week ago, I had a few odds and ends to order on Amazon and decided to see if I could find the Pacifica balm for a good price. Happily, I ended up finding a great price and purchased a multipack of three for just ten dollars. 😀 Check it out:


Prior to the Pacifica balm, I never really understood why people needed multiple chapsticks in multiple locations. Now, I totally get it and used my multipack accordingly. I keep the Rainbow Watermelon in my purse, Bali Coconut on my bedside table, and the Island Vanilla keeps me company at my desk when I am working. My main goal with the multipack was to prevent my lips from ever getting so jacked up again and I think that this new setup is going to work just fine for achieving it.

As I waited for my order to ship, I figured that the Island Vanilla would be my favorite scent of the three because vanilla is one of my go to fragrances. Surprisingly, I remained partial to the Rainbow Watermelon – maybe because it helped so much or because it smells exactly like Lip Smackers… The world may never know! The Island Vanilla is nice but its scent is really subtle. The same goes for the Bali Coconut. They both smell more like the idea of vanilla and coconut if that makes sense? Lol the Rainbow Watermelon scent is much more obvious and I love the dose of nostalgia it gives with each use!

I am SO pleased with my purchase from Amazon and cannot recommend the Pacifica multipack enough if you are on the hunt for a new lip balm. This set also makes a great gift and I bought a few extra as add on prezzies for upcoming birthdays!

Where do you keep your chapstick? Have you got any good deals on Amazon lately? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Pacifica Rainbow Watermelon Lip Balm Review

Pacifica Rainbow Watermelon Lip Balm Review

Hello!! During the wintertime, I like to switch up my skin care and use more nourishing products to combat dryness. In Ohio, our winter has been super mild and, other than my hands, I experienced minimal dryness overall. However, that cannot be said for a new to me issue that cropped up over the past month and change: My lips have been permanently chapped. Around the beginning of January, my lips went from completely fine to totally awful. And, it was TOTALLY AWFUL!!

My lips were so dry and flaky and they were constantly cracking at the sides. It was annoying and, honestly, a little painful because they were so sore and tender. I tried at least three different chapsticks and all of them literally did nothing and that was frustrating because it just kept getting worse. At the beginning of February, I decided I needed to up the ante and headed to TJMaxx to see if I could find anything with more oomph. There weren’t too many options to choose from and I walked away with a lip balm by Pacifica and the hopes that it would help:


^^^ Can we please talk about how my nails match this lip balm perfectly?!

I wasn’t expecting much from this lip balm at all, if anything. Then, I used it and ate my words. The Pacifica lip balm is, hands down, the absolute BEST balm that I have ever used. In fact, after just a few short weeks of having it, I already had to order more because I refuse to let chapped lips be a problem for me again. And, now I know that it won’t be!

Let’s start off with the scent, because it is delightful. The Rainbow Watermelon smells exactly like the Watermelon Lip Smackers of my youth and nothing pleases me more than that fun dose of nostalgia! It’s also nice to have a touch of summertime even in the winter. Even if this balm didn’t do jack, I would have been happy to use it based on scent alone lol.

But guess what? This balm did do jack. It did A LOT of jack! After using this balm religiously since buying it, I will never use a standard chapstick again. It wasn’t until using the Pacifica balm that I noticed how a regular drugstore chapstick just sits on top of your lips. When I used the Pacifica balm for the first time, I could actually feel it absorbing and working on a deeper level to rid myself of perma-chap.

I figured that it would take a while for my lips to heal fully because they were pretty bad, but I began noticing results so quickly. Within a few days, the dry and flakiness were eliminated. By the end of the week, the cracks on the sides of my mouth healed completely and during that process they didn’t break open once. The Pacifica balm moisturized so well that even when I didn’t have a fresh application on for a while, my lips didn’t feel in danger of resorting back to the way they were before. I can’t believe I went so long suffering from chapped lips when my solution was just a trip to TJMaxx away!

If regular chapstick is failing you, then I cannot recommend the Pacifica lip balm enough. I’m so excited for my multipack to ship so that I can try the Coconut and Vanilla scents! 😀

What is your favorite chapstick flavor? What is the best product for chapped lips? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub Review

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub Review

Hello! For a while now, my Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub has been sitting in my bathroom waiting to be used. Since my birthday in June, more specifically, because it was part of my Beauty Insider birthday treat from Sephora. Don’t ask me why I never used it, because I don’t know. But, I am glad that I held off, because it definitely came in handy last week!


While I was sick with the flu, my skin suffered because I was so dehydrated. My lips took a real beating, and by the time I was feeling better, they were raw from the cracking and peeling. I was picking at them until they bled (Shame on me!), and there still seemed to be dead skin that I wasn’t getting. So, I enlisted the help of the Bite balm and scrub.

First, I used the sugar scrub to buff my lips and try to remove any excess skin that was hanging on. The scrub tasted great – like sugar and honey. It worked well, too! I let it sit on my lips and rubbed them back and forth for a handful of minutes and they felt awesome after wiping the product off. They were so smooth and a good amount of yucky stuff came off, too. But, not all of the huge pieces of skin that hurt too bad to remove came off.

Instead of trying to take matters into my own hands, I applied the balm. The Agave Balm was nice and thick and I put a generous amount on my lips. Both the balm and scrub had a really tasty honey aroma, and the balm sat really well – no budges or anything. After an hour or so, I checked the progress on my lips and was able to remove the rest of the excess pain free. It also helped take away the stinging pain that comes with severely chapped lips.

My lips felt really good after using the sugar scrub and balm duo. It felt amazing to get them back to feeling normal after being so sick and they were even better than how they were before falling ill. I liked this product, and I would love to make a DIY sugar scrub so that I can indulge in this treat more often. I don’t think that I would purchase the Bite Beauty combination, though, just because a cheaper alternative is definitely out there somewhere!

Who has a good sugar scrub recipe? How do you take care of your lips? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them

Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them

With cold weather just around the corner, this post is jam packed with tips and tricks on how to deal with the effect that it can have on our skin. Take a look:

Common Winter Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them:

It’s a fact of life that as the weather gets worse, our poor skin can suffer. But what can we do about the most common cold weather skin complaints? For issues like dryness or joint aches from the cold, you can’t go wrong with private label CBD skin care to help soothe chapped, irritated skin or minor aches. Bath bombs, body butter, and salves all can go a long way in providing some much needed relief. For other common skin issues, you can try the following:

Cold Sores: Many people have problems with cold sores when the weather turns. Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus and usually occurs when the person’s immune system is compromised. That means they are more likely to pop up when you get a cold or the flu during the winter time.

The good news is that you can only get them if you already have the virus. The bad news is that it can be transmitted quite easily and that is why you shouldn’t share lipsticks or lip balms if at all possible, as you just open yourself up to the risk of contracting the virus. To treat cold sores, ignore the old wives tales and use antiviral creams. It’s best to deal with them as soon as you feel the familiar tingle. If you leave them to develop, they can become painful and ugly.

Chapped Lips: Even if you are not susceptible to cold sores, the harsh weather of the winter may cause you to get nasty chapped lips. This is when the skin on the lips dries out so much that it begins to crack. It can be very painful, and your lips are at a high risk because they move a lot and go from being wet to dry frequently.The best way of dealing with chapped lips is to use a lip balm regularly. You should also exfoliate your lips once a week so the dead skin does not build up on them.eos.jpg

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Eczema: Winter time is often when people suffering from eczema experience a worsening of their condition. This is because the temperature varies so often throughout the day from the cold outside to the warm indoors which can further dry out and irritate damaged skin. It is worth remembering that eczema is more than just a bit of dry skin that can be dealt with by using face lotion. In fact, it is a recognized medical condition. If you believe that you could be suffering from this, you can get some more information online from West Dermatology.

If you can’t get into your dermatologist’s right away and are looking for relief for your eczema, you could try HarlanMD’s eczema cream for face. It is a prebiotic lotion that can help to both relieve and prevent flare ups to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all winter long.

Redness: A lot of people can suffer from redness in the face during the winter. This is often because they struggle to regulate their body temperature sufficiently. Or, the tiny capillaries in the cheeks become constricted trapping blood flow in that area. For many of us this red face issue, known as Rosacea is embarrassing and difficult to deal with. Some rely on creams to take the redness down, while others swear by green cream which is meant to neutralize the red color.

A more lasting way of dealing with Rosacea is to use a dermatologist developed camouflage cream. These creams are makeup that contains a high percentage of pigment. That means that they are effective at covering up redness and other issues like birthmarks. They are often waterproof once sealed with translucent powder, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry that it will come off in the rain or snow.


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Sun Damage: Surprisingly, another cause of red skin in the winter can be sunburn. We all associate sunburn with hot weather, but the sun can be shining brightly on even the coldest, snowiest day. That is why skiers often wear crazy neon colored sunblock. Make sure that your family is protected against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun all year round by providing them access to sun cream. The ones that you put on once in the morning and last all day are best because it’s likely that they will forget to apply regularly if the temperature is below 0!

Chaffing: Another rather embarrassing problem that winter can bring us is chaffing. This can happen anywhere on the body where your skin meets your clothes but is often an issue on the inner thigh area. It can be very painful and cause red bumps and welts to appear on your otherwise healthy skin. In particularly bad cases the skin can become so dry and damaged that it becomes flaky.

If you are suffering from this problem, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you can apply an intensive moisture cream to aid healing in the damaged area. Secondly, check the fit of your clothes. Rough trouser seams or friction creating tights can have a lot to do with this issue. Lastly, you can coat the affected area with Vaseline which will add movement and prevent such a friction build up.

Moles: While we have to be careful of exposing any mole that we have to sunlight in the summer, they can still be problematic in the winter. This is because it’s easy to forget to check them regularly because we are much more covered up in the cold weather. However, it is essential to check skin marks like moles for the symmetry and edges. This can tell you and your doctors a lot about your risk of skin cancer. Although it may sound silly, schedule a time each month to make sure you check of this sort of thing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Blisters: While many people jump for joy, because winter is the season for wearing big heavy boots, it makes others groan. This is because heavy footwear, made of stiff materials is likely to cause nasty blisters on your feet. At least until your boots have broken in with wear.

You can minimize blisters by stretching your boots out before you wear them properly. Wear two pairs of thick socks and your boots around the house so they begin to mold to your feet. You can also use specialized blister plasters or balm which will protect the most vulnerable parts of your feet like your heels and toes. This should make your boots a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to wear come wintertime.


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How do you beat winter skin problems? What is one of your skin care secrets to combat the cold? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Nivea “A Kiss of Smoothness” Chapstick Review

Nivea “A Kiss of Smoothness” Chapstick Review

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Last week my mom surprised me with a new chapstick because I’m seriously always complaining about how chapped my lips are. She came home from the grocery store with Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” balm and I was so excited because I’ve heard lots of good things about their products. But unfortunately, my new chapstick didn’t quite make the mark so let’s discuss:

My first impression of Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” chapstick when I put it on was how light it felt. The balms that I usually use tend to be thicker in their consistency which is something that I didn’t realize I liked until now. My number one complaint with this chapstick is that it absorbs much too quickly. To some, that’s a good thing. For me, not so much. I like being able to feel my chapstick on my lips and know that it’s working. Within five to seven minutes the Nivea balm was almost completely absorbed and I was left feeling like I needed more.

Before I snapped some quick pictures of the product, I applied a healthy layer on my lips. By the time I finished preparing the photos, categories, and schedule of this post – I was ready for another helping. What’s the point of a chapstick if you have to keep applying it multiple times per hour? My thing is, is that if the product felt like it was working every time I reapplied it, I wouldn’t have as big of an issue with it. But Nivea’s chapstick leaves my lips feeling dryer than they were before. The way I see it, Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” balm is giving my lips a few sips of hydration when I really just need a whole bottle!

One nice thing about this product is that it’s not fragranced which is a plus for me. I always end up licking the balm off if it’s scented with a delicious smelling flavor! I can see this balm being great in the summer time when something light is all that’s needed. However, with cold winter weather among us, I need something that really gets the job done and Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” balm just isn’t strong enough to do that.

All in all, I’m going to rate this product with: one and a half stars. The lightness of the balm and its lack of fragrance is nice. Having said that, it’s extremely inconvenient and annoying to have to reapply your chapstick constantly. Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” balm might be good for use on occasion but if you’re looking for the cure all product to your chapped lips then this chapstick is not for you…or me, for that matter.

So there you have it, my Nivea “A Kiss of Smoothness” Chapstick Review! What lip balm do you swear by? Who likes to make their own lip care products? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah