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Sujata Gazder Body Bar Review

Sujata Gazder Body Bar Review

Hello!! I had a horrible sinus infection this past weekend and felt pretty worse for the wear for the majority of the week. Once I was feeling a little better, I decided that I definitely needed some pampering because I felt gross lol. My skin felt so dehydrated and I knew that I needed something more to get myself feeling right again. Thankfully, my body bar by Sujata Gazder did the trick and I am BEYOND obsessed with this product. It is a miracle in an adorable heart shape! Let’s discuss:


I received some goodies for the launch of Sujata’s new website and was so excited to find a body bar and serum during my unboxing. The body bar intrigued me because it was something that I never knew could exist! It’s essentially a bar of pure cocoa butter mixed with a litany of essential oils that you simply rub into your skin. After discovering the delightful citrus rose scent during my unboxing, I couldn’t wait to give the body bar a try. Product scents are very important to me and the body bar smelled so light that I knew I could enjoy it without being overpowered by fragrance.

I used my body bar before bedtime so that I could hydrate my skin in my sleep and not have to worry about if it felt greasy (Something that I can’t stand!). Using the body bar was, honestly, so much fun and I definitely preferred its application over normal lotion or body butter. It wasn’t necessary to rub the body bar into the skin so all I had to do was swipe it over my body for quick and easy moisturizing. The process took less than a minute and as soon as I was done, I could instantly feel the cocoa butter and essential oils working their magic.

After using the body bar, Johnny and I watched some TV and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t mind it on my skin. It didn’t absorb quickly but it didn’t leave me with that residue coated feeling that I get from a full body lotion application. I knew for a fact that I was going to wake up with my skin feeling back to normal and I was right. After my morning shower, my skin felt AMAZING. It was not only soft to the touch but felt hydrated on the deepest level. You know how your skin feels after using a Lush bath bomb? It was like that only a billion times better and I loved that I could still feel the ingredients working even after washing it off.

One full body application used up half of the body bar and I am saving the rest for later this week when I shave. I will be sad when it’s gone, though, because how can you go back to using normal lotion after a product as fabulous as this?! If you are suffering from dry skin or just need a treat, then I cannot recommend the body bar by Sujata Gazder enough. You can shop along at Sujata’s website for all of the best in fashion and skin care. Enjoy and keep it posted for my review of the Valinora serum tomorrow!

What is your favorite product to pamper yourself with? What is your favorite bath and body care scent? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


TJMaxx Haul

TJMaxx Haul

Heyy everyone and happy Tuesday! Over the weekend my mom and I ventured to one of the bigger TJMaxx stores in our general area for some shopping and scored some amazing deals. My mom and I concluded long ago that a shopping trip to TJs is going to be a hit or a miss and lucky for us, it was a definite hit this time around! We snagged some fabulous products from The Body Shop as a treat which is what I’ll be discussing today! Take a look at our finds:


Our Purchases:

  • Satsuma body scrub: $5
  • Strawberry body scrub: $5
  • Jumbo Satsuma body butter: $10
  • Jumbo Honeymania body butter: $10
  • Cocoa Butter body butter: $6
  • Vineyard Peach body butter: $6
  • Grand Total: $42
  • Estimated In Store Price: $120+

During our TJs shopping excursion my mom and I spent quite some time in their bath and body care section which we don’t do very often. We rarely shop at the store that we were at, though, and we wanted to explore everything that it had to offer. I’m glad we did because we ended up with the haul of a lifetime thanks to their products from The Body Shop. When we saw all of the body butters, shower gels, and scrubs that were stocking the shelves, we couldn’t not grab a few! Especially when the prices were so amazing!

As an unspoken rule between my mom and myself, we never shop The Body Shop’s bath and body section when we’re in the store. We simply refuse to spend twenty-one dollars on a tub of body butter when we can get a huge jug of lotion at Target for a quarter of the price. Therefore, we only use the skin care and makeup products that TBS has to offer which is all we really need. My mom and I are longtime customers of The Body Shop and I also worked as their Assistant Manager for a while. With our knowledge of their body care prices in mind, we simply couldn’t believe how dirt cheap TJ’s selection was.

We scoured the shelves looking for all of the different scents that were hiding in all of the nooks and crannies and ended up with some of our favorites. I was SO excited because the Vineyard Peach and Cocoa Butter are my two all time favorite scents. We were also surprised to find jumbo body butter tubs so we grabbed a tub of Satsuma and Honeymania. You literally can’t go wrong with Satsuma and my mom loves Honeymania so I was glad I could talk her in to snagging a tub of her favorite for herself. It didn’t take much convincing though!

I rarely use body scrubs but I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Satsuma and Strawberry scrubs that The Body Shop has to offer. On the rare occasion that my sister and I have one of the scrubs at home, we use them to shave our legs. I had leg shaving on my mind when we were shopping (weird) because I planned on having a bath and shaving when we got home. So of course, I had to put a Satsuma and Strawberry scrub in to our pile. One for me and one for my sister.

At this point in our shopping, I had to go and get a cart so we could tote around our finds and browse some more. My mom ended up with a new pair of navy blue Keds to wear when she’s out and about. They’re so cute! We also spent a somewhat unnecessary amount of time in their animal section picking out a water dish for our newly adopted Ollie as well as some toys for him and his Golden Retriever big sister to play with. After inspecting our cart that was bulging full with doggy toys, I came to the conclusion that the time spent squeaking every single one was so necessary.

I can’t believe the stroke of luck that we had finding all of our TBS purchases. It’s going to be such a nice treat to use them because we literally never would buy them for ourselves otherwise. My mom and I already have plans of using up all of our half finished lotion and saving our butters for special occasions and colder weather. There’s nothing better than a good haul – especially when you get your purchases for the right price!

So there you have it, my most recent TJMaxx Haul! I had the best time shopping with my mom and I’m so happy with all of the fabulous treats that we found. What is your favorite beauty product to splurge on? What is your favorite fragrance from The Body Shop? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah