Pros & Cons Of Apartment Living

Pros & Cons Of Apartment Living

Whether moving into an apartment or renting or buying a home, there are pros and cons to each of these choices. It’s important, of course, to consider your budget and lifestyle as well as things like the location of the property in terms of your job or the school district. Today, we are going to look at some pros and cons of apartment living to help with your decision:

Pros – Having Maintenance Workers Available:

One of the huge pros of apartment living is always having maintenance workers available to fix issues with your apartment. Whether this be your air conditioner, appliances, or having a chain lock installed, it is so nice to simply make the call and have the problem fixed immediately. You can count on professionals to fix your Miele appliances. And, I myself, have called on maintenance many a time and have always been pleased with their great and efficient work.

Cons – Loud Neighbors:

In most apartments, unfortunately, the walls are paper thin. If you have loud neighbors on top of this, you are pretty much out of luck. Most apartment communities have a noise regulation after a certain time at night but this, often, doesn’t get followed which can keep you up. If you work from home, this can also be a major issue too and is worth talking to your potential landlord about so that you could be put in a less noisy complex. Once your lease is signed and you then find out you have loud neighbors, you are essentially stuck.

Pros – Neighbors:

On the flip side, you might have awesome neighbors and this is great! Having an endless supply of people you can shoot the breeze with is a fun bonus of apartment living. It’s nice to have a sense of camaraderie with the people that you live by and it makes for a much more pleasant experience. Whether it’s grilling with your downstairs neighbors or a friendly person lending you their shovel in the parking lot, this is a cool perk of being in an apartment.

Cons – Limited Space:

One of the major cons of apartment living is how limited your space is. This is even more so if you are living with a roommate. A two bedroom apartment could be ideal for just you but it could be really cramped if you add another person into the mix! If renting or buying a home is not in your budget, it will be crucial to be smart with your space. Your new digs might look super spacious until you move all of your furniture in and find that you barely have room to walk!

Apartment life is, admittedly, not for everyone. However, if the pros outweigh the cons for you, then it can be a great first step into something bigger and better!


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