Having A Great Day, The Safe Way

Having A Great Day, The Safe Way

Hi! While in quarantine, there have been many special occasions that have came and passed, including several birthdays in my family and Mother’s Day. Although it would have been nice to have big birthday blow outs and celebrations, that just isn’t possible right now. However, my family always seemed to manage to have a good time, despite the obvious set backs.

For example, for my sister and dad’s back to back birthdays, Johnny and I ordered pizza and we made an evening of it at my parents’ house. And, for my brother’s birthday, we hit up a local ice cream stand and brought that deliciousness home to enjoy. We also took the dogs (and ourselves) for a walk around the neighborhood, too!

While these are, admittedly, tame ways to celebrate someone’s big day, it worked perfectly for the current circumstances. Good food and company was shared between all of the people I love and it doesn’t get much better than that. Also, Pizza Hut… Need I say more?

Although your get togethers might not be picture perfect right now, you can still make a great day with the options that are safely available. My boyfriend’s birthday is a week before mine and, while I have gifts at the ready compliments of Amazon, I am also making him something special for dinner. AKA I’m getting him Outback Steakhouse so he can have that for his birthday dinner and watch WWII documentaries a la Parks & Rec. Like I said, work with what you’ve got given the circumstances!

Enjoy your low key celebrations for now and plan for an even bigger and better bash next year. Stay safe and have fun. ❤

How are you celebrating special occasions social distance style? What is your favorite takeout treat? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Happy Memorial Day! Today I plan on making cheeseburgers and fries in my new Air Fryer and as my husband says, You can’t get more American than that. As far as birthdays are concerned everyone I love and care about is scattered to the 4 winds of the good ‘ole USA. Basically it’s a mixed blessing for me but my heart goes out to those who could before and can’t now. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.


  2. Ours cost around $60 odd dollars on Amazon. I feel the need to give a tip…watch the ‘cooking’ aka air-frying carefully until you get used to it. You can take the basket out to check the food that’s cooking and when you put it back in it takes up right where you left off. For example, I air-fried whole potatoes and thought I had cooked them into uneatable rocks. Yes, you may laugh:) When I cut them open with a fork and bread knife the insides were perfect. Good luck when you get one!

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