Warning Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Warning Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

It’s important to remember sometimes why it is that you work. You work so that you can live and enjoy your life. But for too many people, their job is the reason that they hate their life, and it seeps into everything else that they do. It ends up ruining their evenings, weekends, and holidays.

According to Ryan Kahn, the star of the MTV show Hired, people generally fall into two categories. For some people, the reasons why they should leave their job are completely visible. They get to the point where they recognize the need for change and that the time has come to move on and send resumes with cover letters to new employers. But for other people, the reasons aren’t so obvious. Many people, it turns out, sleepwalk through their lives, not taking account about how they really feel about their work and not recognizing that it is making them deeply unhappy.

These people suffer from what is known as a thinking rut. They compartmentalize their lives, thinking that they cannot grow beyond the walls that they have erected for themselves. The good news is that there are some common warning signs that are a clear indication that it’s time to leave your job, some of which are shared below:

You’re Not Passionate About What You Do: It’s pretty hard to get up day after day and go do a job that you don’t care about. In fact, it’s soul destroying. When you’re not enjoying work, you suddenly become aware that time is passing. This creates resentment because you’d much rather be doing something else that is fulfilling.

Lynn Taylor, an author who writes about office politics, says that people should think back to how they felt the day that they were given their current position. Usually, they feel utterly elated for having secured the position and they are really excited about the possibilities that the new job will bring for their professional careers and their lives in general. When this passion is gone, she says, people are rarely able to tap into their true potential.



You Wake Up Miserable Every Morning: In simple terms, this means that you hate work. You’d rather be doing anything other than the job and you only haul yourself out of the house because you know you’ve got to pay the bills. This is no way to live one’s life, especially when there are countless other career options that you could look in to.

You’re Consistently Negative: Another warning sign is that you feel negative or anxious all the time, especially on Sunday evenings, before you have to head back out on a Monday morning. This feeling is an unconscious warning from your mind that all is not well with your job. Often, job stress leads to family stress which can harm your relationships in the long term.

Your Performance At Work Is Suffering: Another way you know that the time has come for you to leave your job is when your performance starts to tank. People who get worse at what they do over time are usually suffering from an extreme case of apathy. Often, you’ll know that you’re completely capable of carrying out the tasks that have been asked of you, but you don’t bother to do it to the best of your ability because you’re no longer willing or able to put your energies into projects for the company.

Your Work/Life Balance Has Disappeared: Different people have different tolerances when it comes to work. Some people like to work every hour that God gives, while others would prefer to work as short a time as possible. Many companies, however, don’t see things from the worker’s perspective. Instead, they demand lots of their time. If you find yourself not able to commit to the hours that are being asked of you, it might be time to consider taking another job. If you’re finding that you’re unable to spend the time with your family that you’d like – again, it might be time to find another job.

Your Duties Have Increased, But The Pay Hasn’t: Some unscrupulous employers will try to give you extra responsibilities but not increase your pay. Taylor says that this is a common tactic used by companies to try to keep their wage bills down. Of course, you have to be careful when it comes to things like pay. Sometimes the company can’t afford to pay more, simply because it isn’t doing enough business. But more often than not, the company is doing fine, it’s just not willing to increase your salary. This is a sign that the company doesn’t respect you and that you should take your talents elsewhere.


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