Feeling Good This Winter! How To Stay In Shape


Over the winter, it’s tough to find the motivation to stay in shape. Not only is it dark and miserable outside, but it’s easy to swathe yourself in big cozy sweaters and forget about the body underneath. Here are some tips to help you stay in shape this winter:

Do a Cleanse: Cleanses are sometimes criticized by the media but the truth is that they can often really help you by helping you cut rubbish food out of your diet for a while. A lot of the time at the end of a cleanse you’ll feel great, with glossy hair, clear skin, and strong nails – and a few pounds down, of course! There are many cleanse programs out there, like Isagenix – and how does Isagenix work for weight loss, I hear you ask? It can reverse months of bad habits and make you feel far more healthy. Make sure that you don’t do a cleanse too often, because that lifestyle isn’t sustainable. Rather, start exercising more frequently and eat cleaner. Make your own recipes from scratch, along with your own dressings and sauces. Make sure that you eat a good breakfast like oatmeal with berries or an egg white omelette every morning and drink plenty of water throughout the day. (The water part is easier said than done – especially if, like me, you have to go to the bathroom CONSTANTLY to begin with!)



Go Hiking: You might think that hiking doesn’t sound like much fun in the winter – but on the contrary, you might just have a fantastic time if you wrap up warm and encourage your partner or some friends to come along. Put on a hat with ear flaps, mittens, and a warm thick scarf to keep yourself cozy along with some stout boots and your warmest coat, and go out to appreciate the frosty winter scenery. Go out for some lunch afterwards like a hearty soup along with crusty bread to celebrate your achievement. (Cafes with a fireplace are also a plus!)



Join a Fitness Class: There are a lot of fitness classes that you could join over the winter time. Even if you visit your local gym regularly, it’s hard to force yourself out of the door in the evenings to just go and work out on the machines by yourself. Going to a fitness class means that you have to go out at a certain time and it’s also more motivating to be encouraged by an instructor. Chances are, you might just make friends with some classmates and that will also encourage you to keep going! There is such a wide range of fitness classes that are available now. If you want something more active, try a cardio class. If you love dancing and you have some rhythm, go for Zumba. If you want to strengthen your core, try out pilates.


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Get a Fitness Buddy: It’s so much easier to motivate yourself when you have someone to be motivated with. Whether you have a gym buddy who can spot you and encourage you or whether you’ve met some new pals through the above-mentioned exercise classes, it’s great to have someone to get fit with. Encourage your partner to do Couch To 5K with you. You could also do some fitness videos like Yoga With Adriene! Even if you aren’t very good, you’ll laugh a lot together and make some fun new memories.


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  1. Hi sweetie, question. How long should you do the cleanse for? I’ve done some for almost a month, which can be crazy, lol or for a week.


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