Brush Away The Winter Blues With These Spring-Ready Sprucing Tips

Brush Away The Winter Blues With These Spring-Ready Sprucing Tips

On the run-up to Christmas, we all love winter. The colder days and snowed in occasions can be bearable, because we’re so full of festive cheer. But, as Christmas winds down, the winter blues can start to kick in. When that happens, all we can think about is the promise of spring, milder days, and the beautiful blooms that go with it.

So, this winter, do things differently. Instead of letting the winter blues set in, beat them away. Think about some of the jobs that you’d usually do in spring and incorporate them into your winter revamp. It’s time to bring the spirit of spring into your home and spruce those winter blues away.

Begin With Basics: There are so many simple home improvements that you can do around the home that make such a difference to the overall look and feel of the place. By adding in a fresh lick of paint or giving everything a good old scrub, it could make your home feel like it’s had a complete renovation. It might seem like a big job at first, but as soon as you get started, you’ll begin to get excited about the result. When winter starts to feel a little stale, a quick clean or redecoration could make you feel so much more ready for spring!

Dress And Showcase: Next up on your home spruce, you’re going to want to show off what you can and work on the rest. Maybe changing up the accessories you have around the home is all it will take to add that little something that you’ve been looking for. Change the accent colors you have in each room or even add more accessories to create a look you’ve had in mind. If you’ve done all you can with the details, you might need to think big. If your furniture is starting to look a little shabby, why not upcycle it? Get a few ideas from Pinterest or on Youtube and sand, paint, and style away until it looks like something you’re proud to show off.

Replace Or Repair: Winter can make you think about the appearance of your home and forget about the functionality. You want it to look great, but glaze over the practical parts. But, if you prioritize them now, you’ll be grateful come spring. It’s so important to stay on top of the functional areas of the home, like your garbage disposal, oven, and even A/C systems. You might just need to give them a clean or routine service or they could need much more. If you require any repairs that need doing or need new appliances installed, now is the time. Ahead of spring, you can iron out all the kinks in your home to make it feel brand new.

Get Outside: It’s common for a lot of yard work to be saved for spring. By why not do it now and get a head start? There are so many garden jobs that you can get done in the winter. In fact, it’s the best time of year to do some things. And, you’ll even give yourself a break come spring as there will be less to do all at once. Then, you’ll have a clean and spruced up home that’s functioning fine and a gorgeous garden to go with it. And how could that not beat away those dreaded winter blues?

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