Ill or Injured – and Bored? Productive Uses of Your Time


Have you ever been in the position where an accident has left you confined to your bed or at least your home for a while? It’s never as much fun as you expect all that time off work to be, is it? The novelty is okay, for a while. You can catch up on all those TV shows everyone has been talking about, sleep in, and take it easy. And then, sometime around day three, it gets old.

It’s not that we are our jobs. We won’t suddenly fall to pieces without them. But the action of inaction is the problem. Just as we get bored and stressed if every work day is the same, we can have an identical reaction to being restricted to our home. At least with work, you’re seeing different things, places, and people. When you’re stuck inside the house, you get stir crazy. You’re not using any mental energy. So if you’re recovering from an injury, make some lemonade from lemons and put the enforced rest to good use.

Learn a Language: If you’ve got a long-term injury, you may be at home for several weeks or even months. You’re liable to pass the time staring at screens, so why not take the opportunity to do it for a good reason? There are several excellent language learning apps available, including the ones on this list: This way, you can use some of that pent up mental energy in a productive way.


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Consider Why You’re There: We have come to meekly accept that accidents happen and when they happen to us, we just put them down to experience. But if that accident wasn’t your fault, whose was it? Through no fault of your own, you’ve lost many hours of work and, if you were a part-time worker, possibly your job.

Consulting and similar sources is a good idea here. You may well be entitled to compensation that would go a long way to improving your situation. You could put it into savings, use it for medical treatment, or fund a small business.

Practice Mindfulness: As previously noted, being home alone all day can be dull. That stir crazy feeling is liable to make you feel irritable. As any nurse will tell you, bed-bound patients aren’t the most patient patients. But if you can’t move much physically, then you’re going to be limited in where you can go. Not mentally, though. Meditate and concentrate on clearing your mind.

It may sound like a waste of your time but it allows you to be in command of situations and you get better at it with practice. Once the time comes to get back out there in the world of work, you’d be stunned how useful it can be. As the poem goes, “if you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs…”


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Of course, none of this changes the fact that once you’re able, you will want to get back out there and start living a bit. But if you can take the chance to gain some skills and use your time productively, you’ll be in a better position to take advantage of what comes your way.


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