Life, Career Choices, The Boring Stuff!

Life, Career Choices, The Boring Stuff!

Life, Career Choices, The Boring Stuff!

It’s come to the point where I want to think about what I want to do with my life. Not just as a way to earn money (although I would love to make money by lying on a beach sipping champagne or making music. I’m not picky!) but what I can do that has those things that people’s parents talk about so much. You know, those words like stability, progression, and preparing for the future…As boring as they sound, I guess they have a point. So, I thought to myself, what do I want to do with my life? They say that you spend a third of your life working, so you’d better make it count, right? So I’ve been doing some research into what I might want to do. I started by just typing “fulfilling careers” into my search engine and then I went on a little job journey. Here were some of the careers that intrigued me:

Counselor: As cool as my guidance counselor is, I don’t mean spending my days doing that. Therapy and helping people out has intrigued me. And looking further into it, you need to have so many people skills to be able to do the job properly. I mean, you spend your days talking to people who are relying on you to fix them! That’s a lot of pressure. But the rewards come from helping someone out who might have depression or anxiety, and after they spend time with you, they’re able to go through life happy, and that’s a BIG DEAL.

Midwife: Looking at medical jobs would be pointless, I thought. You’ve gotta spend many years training to be a doctor or a nurse and what if you don’t even like it after all that? Then I saw that you could do a job helping mothers deliver their babies. And what’s more rewarding than that? Spending your days (and nights) delivering babies requires a couple of years training. Interacting with the parents and helping them through a tough delivery seems like such a rewarding thing. Seeing the look of joy on the mother’s face after you’ve helped them give birth to their child seems like payment enough!

Teacher: My teachers back in school must have had a hard time. The amount of homework they had to mark or if there was a student that was a complete nightmare must have been difficult to cope with. Saying that, if you get the job just right, the gratification you would have in helping someone on their life’s goal would be fulfilling. I used to think about some of my old teachers, “why are they still doing this if they are tearing their hair out with frustration ALL the time?” Well, it’s because they’re waiting for that one student to make it all worth it.

Nobody wants to be thinking about what to do with their lives, but when it comes to looking at a “normal” career, I think I’d want to be helping people make a difference in their life. It’s not a cool thing to say, but maybe my parents were right (don’t tell them I said that!).

What was your career choice when you were little? How does it differ from the job that you have now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s cat! Much love. -Sarah

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