Wanted: June Guest Bloggers

Wanted: June Guest Bloggers

Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As you guys know, I am on the hunt for guest bloggers to help maintain lifewithlilred while I’m away on vacation from June third to the eleventh. I would much rather have guest bloggers showcasing their talent on my page than nothing at all while I’m gone so if you’d like a chance to shine here on lifewithlilred, please get in touch! I’d like to be able to prepare the guest posts for publishing and have them scheduled before I leave so I have nothing blog related to worry about while I’m having some fun in the sun.

I also am looking for two more guest bloggers for the last two Sundays of May. If you are interested in writing a guest post for either month, please shoot me an email at: sarah.mush6794@gmail.com. Just note that I am a stickler for grammar and spelling and just because you send me an email doesn’t necessarily mean you are “in”! If you have emailed me before and I haven’t gotten back to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to me again! My inbox has been flooded after publishing previous posts about my need for guest bloggers so there’s a good chance that I might not have seen everything!

Once again, if you are seriously interested, shoot me an email at: sarah.mush6794@gmail.com!

❤ THANKS!!!  ❤


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