Bath & Body Works May Freebie

Bath & Body Works May Freebie

Hi everyone and happy Hump Day! Sorry I’ve been MIA these past couple of days, I’ve been uber busy and have had a little case of writer’s block so you weren’t missing out on much! As all of you guys know, I freakin live for my monthly, travel sized freebies from Bath & Body Works. In the past year or so, I’ve probably gotten close to one hundred dollars in free product thanks to these coupons. I always have so much fun picking out what lotion fragrance that I want for the month but this time around I decided to go for an old favorite, Love & Sunshine. Take a look at the sweet packaging and then let’s discuss:


As part of my sister’s birthday gift last month, I added on a freebie set of my Love & Sunshine lotion and shower gel. It was awesome because it was an additional ten dollar gift that I didn’t spend a dime on but it also kind of sucked because it was my favorite scent that I had on back stock in my bath and body care hoard. The good news? My sister loved the Love & Sunshine scent. The bad news? I was without a Love & Sunshine lotion!

I spent my drive home from my boyfriend’s house yesterday morning debating on what lotion I should go with while running errands in the afternoon. I was at a crossroads between Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar and Love & Sunshine and I was simply beside myself on what to do. And then I remembered the painstaking moment when I plucked the L&S lotion and gel from my hoard last month and placed it in my sister’s gift bag and knew that Love & Sunshine was the way to go.

I can’t get enough of the fruit and floral fragrance that Love & Sunshine has to offer. The sweetness of the daisy scent is counterbalanced by tart lemon and strawberries which creates a scent perfect for summertime! I plan on taking my freebie with me while my family vacations in North Carolina next month as my fun in the sun fragrance. Can’t wait!

So there you have it, my May Bath & Body Works Freebie! What is your favorite scent from B&BW? What is your go to scent for summer? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I hear so many people raving about Bath and Body Works and it sounds like my ideal shop. So gutted that we don’t have it here in the UK! Love and Sunshine sounds really lovely, enjoy πŸ™‚ x


  2. I have always loved moonlight path! I’m so excited they have some limited edition scents back. Always loved the cucumber melon, wish they would just keep it!


    • I actually don’t think I’ve ever tried Moonlight Path before. Isn’t it kind of musky? That might be why, I always prefer the lighter fragrances! I love the packaging for that one though it’s so pretty! 😍

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      • Yes, it’s more for a date night rather than something you’d wear all the time. That’s why I love the cucumber melon! πŸ™‚
        I love the lilac candles they sell too. So good!!


      • That’s what I figured, I’ll have to stop in when I actually feel like shopping and check out the limited edition scents that they have! Not that I need any more of anything perfume/lotion/shower gel related BUT IT’S SO HARD SAYING NO!! haha

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