Let’s Get In Touch!

Let’s Get In Touch!

Hey everyone and TGIF! As you guys know, I really want to reach the 5,000 friends mark on Facebook and I’m about seventy friend requests away from doing so! So here’s a little friendly request from me for you guys to send a request my way! By doing so, you’ll get to see all of my thoughts, pics, and rants that didn’t make it on to lifewithlilred. It’s also another great way of keeping in touch with each other. My links are as follows:

While you’re checking my pages out, please make sure you click on the ads from Twistfire Media that I have posted because it helps me get paid! All of the articles are super fun and interesting so take a gander! In fact, take a few! And if you like what you see and are interesting in signing up to post for Twistfire Media on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest you can let me know via email at: sarah.mush6794@gmail.com!

❤ THANKS!!!! ❤

PS: I have the pleasure of welcoming a fabulous guest blogger on lifewithlilred this Sunday so make sure you tune in for a very special new post! 🙂


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  1. Okay, I will send a friend request on Facebook to help out. I’m not too chatty on Facebook but I will enjoy your thoughts, pics and especially your rants. I will also click on the Twistfire ads so you get paid. 🙂 I look forward to reading your facebook posts. ❤


    • Oh Wow! What did I get myself into! 🙂 That’s some crazy stuff you post on facebook. I love it. I had such a quiet little facebook page. Not anymore!


      • Sorry 😦 I tried. Too much of an adrenaline rush on your Facebook. You are wonderful though. I missed my quiet little Facebook page of poets, writers and artists.

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