I Still Get Jealous

I Still Get Jealous

Heyy everyone and TGIF! Have any of you ever gone through your social media pages and have just felt insanely jealous of people? This happens to Lil Red on occasion and it really grinds my gears. It’s one of those things where you see everyone and their brother on your friends list being happier, better, prettier, etc than you and it can really get a gal down. So what brings on these feelings? What can you do to remedy them? Take a listen to an ironic choice in music and then let’s discuss:

^^^ I had to!

This past week I saw that a girl who I went to high school with was studying abroad in France and Italy and it made me SO insanely jealous. That’s one thing that I would love to do and that I have mentioned frequently on the ol’ blog and to basically anyone who will listen. A thing about me is that when I want things, I want them ASAP. So to see someone who is my age essentially living my dream kind of killed me. It can be hard to see people doing something that you want so desperately while you’re sitting in Akron, Ohio being miserable. -__-

As soon as I became green with envy over this, I began to evaluate my life and what I was doing wrong. I was turning the pages in my mind of everything that I could be doing and that just made me feel even worse. I then made a mental list of everything that I do and all of the responsibilities I have and it felt like a slap in the face. I was doing what felt like a lot but I still couldn’t have this one thing that I really want.

My mental list ended up looking something like this:

  • Attending school full time at Tri-C.
  • Coaching figure skating for the Special Olympics.
  • Transporting both of my siblings who can’t drive multiple times per week.
  • Working as a freelance writer for different companies, artists, and musicians.
  • Doing consultations for individuals who would like to start their own blog.
  • Working for two different media companies on my social media pages.
  • Working for the Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities to make sure that everyone is receiving the best care possible.

With all of these things stacking up in my day, I barely have time to breathe but it still didn’t seem good enough. But then I started to think about how I work my ass off every day and am doing so much to improve the lives of others. I reminded myself that it will be my turn to travel soon enough and that it would be all the more sweeter when it finally does happen. Then the mental list began to shift and it looked more like this:

Mental list take two:

  • I work hard at school and have gotten all A’s since I began college last year.
  • I bring joy into the lives of my skaters and their families.
  • I help improve the quality of life for others.
  • I get both of my siblings to where they need to be when they need it.
  • My freelance work has been really taking off and I have the articles, followers, and media companies that I work through to prove it.

Yes, it does suck when you want something that you simply can’t have. It also sucks even more when you see someone with what you desire so much. However, all I can do is keep on going because I am making great strides on my own even if I don’t feel that way sometimes. It can be hard to remember that at times but when I do it definitely helps easy my jealousy!

In the words of Nick Jonas, “I Still Get Jealous”, but that won’t stop me from continuing to keep on trucking and working hard! What is something that makes you jealous? What do you do to help with those feelings? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I used to get jealous all the time. I deleted all the people I envied on instagram, twitter, etc. but that was dumb of me because I can’t delete everyone I get jealous of. So what I do now is just be happy for the people I envy and move on and ignore my negative thoughts by doing the things I love. You also have to keep in mind that pictures can mean a thousand words, they make look super happy and talk about how fabulous their lives are but you never know it can be the total opposite. Just be happy for them that’s it and hope that whatever you are doing with your life, people will be happy for you as well. You only love once, don’t worry about how others are living because that just stops your from living in the present. But I’m a twin and sometimes I get a little bit jealous when my sister posts a cute selfie LOL.


  2. You don’t need these people, trust me. Stop caring about other people, and tend to yourself. If you want to travel abroad, do so. Life is too short for second thoughts or regrets. If you can’t travel yet, then wait for the right time. Meanwhile keep yourself busy. Good luck!


  3. I always try to bear in mind that what people show you on social media, blogs, YouTube etc is only what they want you to see. They can look like they have the perfect life, travelling, staying skinny, having their dream job, but you can’t see what’s behind it. You don’t see them going to crappy hotel room after crappy hotel room crying themselves to sleep with loneliness, or the strain it’s putting on their relationships. You don’t know what they’re dealing with money wise, health wise, family and relationship wise. I just try to count my own blessings because life is ever going to be fair. There’s always someone taller, prettier, more successful, but they don’t have the amazing relationship I have with my fiancé or an incredible family behind them, or even the ability to be happy without feeling validated by strangers telling them they’re pretty all the time. You do you!

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  4. I think these kind of thoughts affect everyone at some point in their life – remember the saying that “the other man’s grass is always greener ” – it’s rubbish; it’s pure perception. As the writer above states, people project an image in social media that they want others to see. We all have ups and downs in our lives and it may seem that there are more downs than ups. I think I have a considerable number of years on you (60 this year – another milestone !) and though I haven’t achieved what I thought I would when I was 18 or 19, I’ve had some considerable variety in my life. I’ve grabbed opportunities when they came along – some successfully and others, well least said the better. Be glad for those who appear content, because it will probably only be a phase or a front. Grab life by the scruff of the neck and make it your own doing what feels right by yourself and what makes you feel good. From your list it looks as if you are doing a pretty terrific job in helping others face life – take joy from those wonderful achievements!


  5. I get jealous of people doing what I do but better, that’s because I have little patience so I want everything now not in some few months, or next year. However when I look into these successful people and how long it took them to get where they are I realize that patience is a virtue and I just need to work on it 😀 xx

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  6. Oh how I wish this didn’t resonate so much! I find myself getting the most jealous when I read the work or follow the careers of other authors in my genre who already have their books out there and who are already navigating the waters of book promotion. Then I start thinking how overwhelming it all is and wonder whether I should give it up. That’s when I know I need to step back and do something else for the rest of the day. I usually have a better perspective after a good night’s sleep and feel ready to make some more agonizingly slow progress toward what I want out of life.


  7. It is definitely silly to be jealous I believe. First of all it only makes you feel worse and secondly, by you being jealous won’t change anything. It doesn’t make you feel better/be more successful etc and it won’t make them less successful/pretty/whatever. So the idea is fruitless. I also agree with previous commenters that social media really is just your highlight reel… people only show you the good stuff! No one is going to post their vulnerable self. It is great you can admit it though and acknowledge the cause. I think you will be fine as long as you remember those things 🙂 best of luck to you xx


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