My Making A Murderer Verdict

My Making A Murderer Verdict

Hey everyone and happy weekend! My boyfriend, Kyle, and I jumped on the bandwagon last weekend and binge watched Netflix’s documentary, Making A Murderer. The show followed the trial of Steven Avery for a sexual assault and murder that he may or may not have committed. From the first few minutes of the show, we were both hooked and completed the ten one hour long episodes in three days. I’ve had to laugh because on Facebook everyone has turned into a lawyer while discussing the show but in all reality – Kyle, my sister (who watched the series too), and I have all been doing the exact same thing.

We have all come up with the verdict of NOT GUILTY and now I want to hear from my fellow binge watchers. To those who have watched Making A Murderer or who followed the case closely when it was happening, what is your verdict? Why do you think that Steven Avery was guilty or not? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



^^^ Lol, these are priceless!

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  1. If they threw out all the “evidence” “found” by the manitowoc sheriff’s that shouldn’t have been there they would have nothing, that doubt right there should have been enough to prove that he might not have done it. Those sheriffs shouldn’t have been there, and that other cop basically admitted he knew more than he was telling with the 911 dispatch recording they had of them. The whole thing is just very complicated, but nothing was done about the cops that had a grudge about being sued that shouldn’t have been there that magically found “evidence”
    Just my opinion lol


  2. The short series I’ve been posting on here was inspired by this, not directly but the implication of cops with personal grudges are terrifying and in my writer brain, I thought ‘awesome antagonist’.
    The rule of law is important. Not justice, but law. We seldom truly get justice as we would emotionally have it but law, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, a trial by a jury of your peers, all that stuff that gets tossed away in favour of a hashtag is important because what you put in place today might be used against you tomorrow.
    There are inconsistencies in both the trial and also the documentary and when I had bingewatched MoAM, I was convinced that this was a travesty. A bit of reading and some debate on here later, I’m not sure. We may never know the truth, but I think that there were enough procedural errors and if you followed the maxim of cui bono ‘who profits’ then the manitowoc sheriffs department faced massive legal actions for the first case.

    If you have developed a taste for them, may I recommend Shenandoah, The Thin Blue Line and The Central Park Five as perfectly good documentaries.

    It’s also important to remember that there are amazing, dedicated police officers out there who loathe corruption more than we do.


  3. When watching the show, I thought not guilty. He was obviously framed by the police and I think the ex-boyfriend or ever the other Dassey brother did it. However, reading articles online about evidence that was not discussed in the series makes me have some serious doubts. I still mostly believe that he was framed, but then I am now starting to think he could have done it. I guess only Steven Avery will ever know the truth. However, Brendan, come on! He is the sweetest most innocent kid ever. I feel so bad for him.


  4. I am unsure. I feel like he is probably innocent.
    From the perspective of a teacher who works with disabled kids, Brandon Dassey’s case is an extreme tragedy! He gave answers like any kid in class who doesn’t have the cognitive function to know what he is being asked. He waited, he guessed, he took clues from the authority figures, he changed his answers repeatedly because they weren’t answers, merely stabs in the dark. My husband thinks the brother and step dad of Brandon are the ones who murdered the girl. I am curious about the ex boyfriend.


  5. I’ve seen it on several different programs including on my favorite network, Investigative ID twice on separate shows and it was very compelling. The first time was truly 18 years lost of his life and the second time around was crazy, so amazing the way they handled everything. I don’t want to disrespect the young lady and her family but the whole trial was truly one that wasn’t handled well at all. The questioning and the evidence definitely left me scratching my head. Still a lot of evidence planted that seemed to real to be unreal but worse things have been done and that is the truth. I do believe they found 2 people who they felt weren’t bright enough to handle themselves. Honestly I’m torn.


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