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5 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Kitchen Space

5 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Kitchen Space

Whether you have a large kitchen or a more modest space, it’s important to make the most of it. With a more organized kitchen, cooking and cleaning will be much less stressful. You can optimize your workflow and always find what you’re looking for. The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the house, so it needs a practical design. Assess your needs and plan the layout accordingly. Here are a few ways you can optimize your kitchen space:

Optimize workflows:

Try to create a functional workflow. For example, imagine the process of cooking a meal and the order in which you need to grab things. This will help you organize your kitchen into a circular design where you follow a logical path. You can also group together utensils and food that are used together, such as knives and chopping boards. Keep everyday items within easy reach. Make a rough plan in your mind, and act it out. With a couple of dry runs, you should get a feel of how to organize your kitchen according to your routines.

Add functional lighting:

It’s difficult to prepare food without proper lighting. Consider lighting up your countertops with under cabinet lighting. This will help you to work more safely and efficiently. A few lighting upgrades will also make your kitchen easier to clean. You could get a more durable countertop installed that’s resistant to stains and scratches. Look into stone and granite opinions from this countertop installer. These are incredibly long-lasting materials and very practical.

Organize your storage space:

Make the most of your storage space, especially if you have a small kitchen. Organize your cupboards so that more commonly used items are near the front and less used ones are at the back. Group together crockery and pots and pans into neat logical sets. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for. If your space is limited, here are a few clever kitchen storage ideas to give you inspiration.

Use vertical space:

If you are short of storage space, consider vertical storage solutions. You could get a wall magnet to hold knives and metal utensils. Attach hooks for various tools, towels, and even pots and pans. Build shelves and ceiling-high cabinets. Store items you don’t use often on top of cupboards and cabinets. When you’re struggling to find space, always look up. You can even use shelves for plants and ornaments to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Create zones:

Why not give your kitchen a makeover this year? Rearrange it into zones. Separate areas for preparing food, dining, and making breakfast, for example. If you have space to eat in your kitchen always place chairs on the outside of the counter, opposite to where you pass when preparing food. This way the chairs or any guests won’t get in your way or cause a safety hazard. With a few little adjustments, you can design yourself a more practical kitchen and really optimize the space.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen even more by better organizing your space. Preparing meals and cleaning will be a breeze!

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Giving Your Kitchen A Mini Makeover

Giving Your Kitchen A Mini Makeover

If you had success during your Mini Living Room Makeover, then now might be the time to start turning your attention over to the kitchen. In my opinion, a house is only as great as its kitchen and not only will improving on it increase its functionality but it is also a surefire way to increase your home’s property value, too. Today, we are going to explore some ideas to help start your own mini makeover for your kitchen:

Tend To Maintenance:

The most important thing to do in your kitchen is to first make sure that all of your appliances are working properly. Maintenance like stove repair or a garbage disposal making questionable noises should be tended to immediately as more damage will be caused the longer you hold off. Despite appliance repairs not making a visual difference, they will sure improve your kitchen’s functionality and that’s just as good, if not better.

Add A Backsplash:

Adding a tile backsplash behind your stove or dishwasher is an amazing way to transform your kitchen relatively cheaply and easily. It also gives you the opportunity to have some fun as you decide on how you want your backsplash to look. From sleek monochrome colors to checkered, paisley, or even glitter you are sure to find a tile that will suit the mood you are going for in your kitchen.

If the backsplash you love doesn’t go with your current color scheme, fear not! That is nothing a new coat of paint won’t fix and you can space out these projects for as long as you need.


If you proudly have had your ingredients like flour, sugar, and salt displayed in the same jars for years on your countertops, then it might be time to change things up! There are countless cute and functional storage tins and containers to house your most used ingredients in. You could even incorporate some shelving onto your kitchen walls to place them on to help free up counter space.

Storage accessories as well as dish towels, place mats, and dishes are all perfect opportunities to add bright pops of color or patterns into your kitchen. It is also one of the cheaper ways to makeover the space.

Improve The Lighting:

Having good lighting in a kitchen is crucial as you read new recipes, chop veggies, and measure ingredients. Not to mention entertain your guests and family! One of the best ways to improve the lighting in your kitchen if your current situation isn’t up to snuff is to add a few hanging light fixtures in the problem area. They will instantly illuminate your work space, island, or dining area and turn your kitchen into an even brighter space in the house.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and we all want ours to look its best. Follow the mini ideas above to start making big improvements!

Clean and Pristine: Keeping Your New Kitchen Looking New

Clean and Pristine: Keeping Your New Kitchen Looking New

Congratulations on your shiny new kitchen. Maybe you’ve gone all out on it and chosen some fancy features you’ve always dreamed of having. It looks beautiful and everything is still brand new. But if you’re not careful, the condition of your kitchen could quickly go downhill. Even with regular cleaning, it can seem like any new room begins to take a downturn as soon as it has been completed. While you don’t want to become obsessed with keeping it in good condition, you also don’t want it to lose its shine. So how do you find the balance between keeping your kitchen as it is and becoming a raging kitchen inspection monster? Here’s what you need to do:

Accept That There Will Be Wear and Tear: Before you think about a cleaning routine, there’s one thing you need to accept. Your kitchen will experience ordinary wear and tear, even if you do your best to look after it. In two, five, or ten years it’s not going to look the same. It’s better to accept that now than to feel disappointed when you notice the first changes. In fact, cleaning your kitchen too much could have a negative effect on it. You don’t want to wear away any surfaces because you’re using too many cleaning products. You can keep the kitchen clean and tidy but it won’t stay perfect forever.

Clean As You Go: The number one rule of keeping your kitchen in good condition is not to put anything off. It’s so easy to think that you will do something later. Then later comes and you delay the task again because you’re busy with something else. It’s always better to clean up after yourself at the first opportunity. Wipe down the counters after you have finished preparing ingredients. You can do it while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook. Rinse the sink after you’ve done the dishes instead of waiting until later. Sweep things up from the floor as soon as you drop them. It will mean less cleaning for later and you can prevent problems such as stains.

Use the Right Products for Different Surfaces: The right cleaning products can make a huge difference to keeping your kitchen clean. You might think that they all look the same, but it’s important to note some important differences. Many products have specific formulas designed for cleaning certain materials. For example, you can get cleaning solutions for glass or metal that won’t leave streaks. If you have stone counters, make sure you look for products to clean granite and other types of stone. It’s especially important to use the right products when you have natural materials. The wrong cleaning agents might leave marks or damage a surface if you’re not careful.

Take Care of the Grouting: Some parts of your kitchen are more important to care for than others. Dirty grouting can be extremely noticeable. At least, it is until you forget what color it was meant to be in the first place. Making sure you stay on top of cleaning will help to keep your kitchen in pristine condition. It can be difficult to keep clean and sometimes the only thing for it is to give it a good scrub. To help you along, a steam cleaner is an excellent idea. The heat from the steam combined with a grouting brush attachment makes the job easier. A steam mop can help on tiled floors too. Another method is to apply bleach, leave it for a while and simply wipe it off once it has worked its magic.


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Cover Every Inch: It’s easy to remember to clean the things you can see. A dirty counter stares you in the face, so you have no choice but to tackle it. However, there are plenty of hidden places that you don’t look at where dirt can be hiding. Even places like the inside of your oven or microwave are easily put out of mind. You don’t have to look at them all the time so you can forget about them. Making sure that you clean every inch of your kitchen will help you to keep it in the best condition possible. Think about those hard-to-reach places that you might not usually look at.

Manage Light Levels: There are some things you might not think of when it comes to caring for your kitchen. One of them is how much sunlight comes into your kitchen. The idea of bathing your kitchen in sunlight is an enjoyable one. However, you should try to manage the light levels, so the room doesn’t get too much sun. There may be some materials that will start to fade or even warp from too much sunlight. Hot days, in particular, could be damaging and there’s even a slight risk of fire. Putting up blinds or curtains will help to protect against direct sunlight doing any damage to material such as wood.

Be Careful When Cooking: Of course, your behavior when you use your kitchen is important, too. Some things you should do should be common sense, such as using a chopping board. Try to wipe up spills and splashes while you’re cooking, even if you’re busy with something else. You should also avoid putting any hot pans directly onto surfaces that aren’t heatproof. Make sure you place your appliances in sensible places too. Anything that creates heat or steam shouldn’t sit directly underneath a cabinet.

Perform Small Upgrades: As well as keeping everything clean, your kitchen might need some touch-ups now and then. Small upgrades to your kitchen can keep it looking like new. For example, you can change the handles on cabinets if they’re starting to look a little dull. You might choose to repaint cabinet doors or give wooden surfaces a polish. Some little tweaks can put the shine back into your kitchen when it starts to look a little tired.

Your new kitchen isn’t going to stay new forever. However, you can keep it looking beautiful if you take good care of it!

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