New Orange Sorbet & Taffy Pink Nails

New Orange Sorbet & Taffy Pink Nails

Hello! After a long month in between my last fill, I was so ready to go to Elysian Nails and get my claws looking right. Although I got pink nails last time too, I found myself craving spring colors and ended up with this combination that I am loving:


When I was driving to the salon, it was completely grey outside and I felt a bit disheartened over the fact that we were due for some snow the following day. I needed something bright and fun on my nails as a pick me up and found myself thinking of colors of the sunset, hence the hues that I chose. My darling nail tech told me that my polish colors reminded her of Polly Pocket and that made me feel even happier with my selections. I freaking LOVED Polly Pocket in my youth and I still do now. I regret every day that I gave my old Polly dolls away!

Since January, my work schedule has been jam packed with a lot of driving. Like a lot, a lot. It felt so good to clock out for the day, head to Elysian, and sink in the salon chair to get pampered. As soon as I entered the salon and saw all of the techs who I just adore, I instantly perked up and, as always, walked out feeling like a billion bucks. Now, if only the colors on my nails reflected the weather outside! 😀

What color are your nails painted? What was your favorite childhood toy? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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