New Black & Ballet Slipper Pink Nails

New Black & Ballet Slipper Pink Nails

Howdy! My monthly fills at Elysian Nails have truly become a highlight for me because I love hanging out with my nail tech. Catching up and girl talking with her is SO much fun and I, honestly, never even look at my nails anymore when she’s doing them because she always makes them perfect. For Valentine’s Day, I almost considered doing red and pink nails but decided against it last minute and went with this, instead:


As you all know, I am not one for holiday themed nails and on the drive to the salon, I made the choice to go with black and pink for some sugar and spice. It has been forever since I had black nails and, I have to admit, that my husband’s nails that are always painted black made me jealous! While I do love experimenting with different color combinations, nothing beats the old standby and I think they turned out so cute.

At the polish wall, I was inspired by my new Marc Fisher platforms for the shade of pink that I wanted but I had such a hard time finding black polish. Every shade that I thought was black just ended up being deep purple! Lol, when my tech came over, she showed me where the black polish was hiding and it was in the one spot that I completely overlooked. Whoops!

Because my nail tech is so gifted, I never think that my nails look that bad before my fill but I am amazed at the huge difference when she is done. In fact, I don’t even tell her what I need anymore because she already knows what it is lol. With a little nod to V-Day and a bigger nod to my emo roots, I am obsessed with the end result and seriously can’t stop looking at them. It’s going to take a lot of effort to not have them painted black next time around!

What color of nail polish do you have on? How often do you get your nails done? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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