Wanted: Falling For Fall Guest Bloggers

Wanted: Falling For Fall Guest Bloggers

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! I know, I know it’s not anywhere close to fall yet! BUT, I’m sure all of you know by now that when a new season approaches, I like to welcome it on lifewithlilred with one of my guest bloggers series. Starting August 29th through September 6th, I am looking for a crew of bloggers to share their favorite things about fall with the world.

From MOTDs and OOTDs to fun fall activities and your homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipes, I’m hoping for a wide range of unique posts special for autumn. If you are interested in participating, please shoot me an email with your name, blog name, and post ideas to sarah.mush6794@gmail.com ! THANKS! ❀

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    What a fun idea! Fall is definitely my fave, without question, so I’m gonna be all over this!

    For Fall, my traditional activity is something I do with my “tribe” (close group of friends). Every year in October we make it a point to go to the Ren Faire and we make sure we go during the weekend that Albannach is performing. They are an amazing Scottish percussion band, and they are all sexy with lots of character, ha! We also load up on the usual kettle corn, steak-on-a-stick, etc. I mean honestly, we go for the food, ha! We also always get a tarot card reading from one of the readers there. The readings are always a bit cathartic and we usually refer back to them throughout the year, because they are just always so accurate. This year, we are going on October 15th.

    We also always plan a trip to our local farm, Weaver’s Orchard. This year, it’s happening on October 7th I think. We are from PA, and have lots of PA pride so we like to celebrate that by doing very PA-oriented things. Weaver’s has a festival with goats, and cider donuts and lots of junk food. And we always make a stop into their market to load up on PA German fall food. I always buy myself at least one vegetable pie.

    So I can easily expand on the excitement of these festivities, as well as the obvious things like: switching from Iced Chai Tea Latte to Chai Tea Latte, whipping out the knit-wear (my favorite kind of wear in the world), shopping for fall-y smelling candles, and making treks to my local woods to watch the leaves on the trees change color before my eyes.

    I am a bit new to blogging and am not sure what you’re looking for exactly, but have a look-see at my site to get an idea of my writing style. I’m also a huge fan of lots and lots of pics. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for having this awesome idea! Libby SaylorThe Goddess Attainable

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    | | | | The Goddess Attainable Balanced living for goddesses on a modest budget | |



    Β Libby Saylor http://www.libbysaylor.com


    • Hey Libby! It sounds like you have an exciting fall ahead of you! We’re practically neighbors, btw, I’m in Ohio. Your activities that you mentioned will be after my series premieres but if you want to do a post elaborating on your summer to fall transitions, that would be fabulous! Shoot me an email and we can talk more πŸ™‚


      • Hi Sarah, oh yes, that’s right. Let me brainstorm a bit more. Traditionally I go to see US open tennis matches in NYC on Labor Day weekend, but that’s not very fall-y. Lemme get back to u after I ponder. Yay Ohio! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi, Sarah! I was wondering if I could still apply, if I never experienced an actual “Fall” season? Where I’m from, it’s Summer year round. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to celebrate, though! I can always wait for next Summer, since we don’t get snow. Just wanted to ask, before attempting to partake!


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