Elf Palette Faves #1

Elf Palette Faves #1

Hiiii everyone and TGIF! Okay, so this Wednesday I introduced you guys to my New(ish) Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette and I wanted to share a few of my fan favorites with all of you. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of any of these colors SO I’LL MAKE THEM UP MYSELF. Ayyy! Let me introduce you all to SPARKLING EGGPLANT lololol:


Sparkling Eggplant is the last color on the right in my palette. This is my favorite color out of the ten. I love the purple-y, mauve color and the fact that this shade has some glitter thrown in for good measure makes me like it even more. I prefer to wear Sparkling Eggplant (It never gets old!) as an eyeliner and I wet my brush to give it the appearance of the second heart seen above.

My eyes are hazel and frequently change colors from brown to green or gold depending on the lighting and what makeup I’m using. The purple hue of this eyeshadow brings about green eyes, which I love. To complete this look, I like to use one of the shell pink colors in the corner of my eyes with one of the browns or mauves in the palette across the lid. I then blend these together for a purple haze, smokey look – which sounds a lot better than my makeup skills allot for!

So there you have it, the first of my Elf Palette Faves! How do you use makeup to play up your eye color? How would you name this color from my palette? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. It definitely does look like a “sparking eggplant”! There’s no getting better than that, really. How is the wear on these shadows? I’m contemplating getting more into eye-looks and such. I usually just wear a wing and I’m out the door.


    • Ugh I wish I could do winged eyeliner but I’m such a perfectionist that if I tried to do that I would be standing at my bathroom mirror for hours trying to get it right!
      And the wear is really good on them! The shadows have lasted all day and they’re an amazing price!

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  2. I tried their new California baked palette and wasn’t impressed. Although adding some water seems to make the colors more vibrant when applied so I will have to try that. I want to give e.l.f. another chance, maybe I will go with the regular formula instead of the baked formula next time.

    Love the colors in this palette though! great post!

    xoxo Katelyn


    • This is the second product that I’ve tried by them and I really like it so far! Unfortunately, the first experience that I had with them wasn’t a good one. I used their molten liquid eyeshadow and I must have been allergic to something in it because my lids swelled up within seconds. But the second chance has definitely been worth it so far! 😀


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