Work Perks: Retirement Gifts That Count

Work Perks: Retirement Gifts That Count

Job hunting can be a real drag, so when you find the job that you want and that will make you happy, it’s exciting news! The first thing that people look for in a new role is usually the perks. When you work for someone else for forty hours a week, you need to make sure that you have a reason to be there – other than the money for food and staying alive! If you are lucky enough to stay with your company for the duration of your working life, you will find yourself gearing up for the big finish: retirement!


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Retiring from your career is a big deal! You will have spent time in a job that was more than just somewhere to go every day, it was a place that you built most of your life around. Whether you know the person retiring or you ARE the person retiring, you should be preparing to give or receive a gift from your colleagues. Long service deserves a reward and if you are buying a gift for someone retiring from a long career, the thought you put into it will mean far more than the value of the gift. So, what are the perfect retirement gifts on the market today? Largely, this will depend on the person retiring, but here are a few ideas for your company to chip in on:


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Classic Gifts: Retirement gifts often allude to the time the person has spent in the role, so a watch is often the go-to gift. These are usually etched with the years of service and a thank you message – thanking the person for their time spent on the job.

Hobby Gifts: If you tailor your choice of gift to the hobby of the retiree, you’ll be well remembered. A session of golf, inscribed golf clubs, or a luxury bottle of wine for a wine connoisseur plays to their likes and implies what they’ll be up to once they begin their period of retirement. If you want to make them laugh, getting a customized bobblehead doll dressed in golfing gear or holding a glass of wine from mbobble to go along with it can inject a little humor into a wistful situation!

If you’re going the golf route, which is a very popular retirement activity, there are so many accessories for the sport that would make great gifts. Gloves, towels, or a new bag will all go over well. However, if you want to go for ultra memorable, you could read up on for the best launch monitors to improve their skills.

Travel Gifts: Most retirees use their newly gained down time to see places that they never had a chance to visit due to their time being consumed by work. Personalized luggage tags, passport holders, or even a new set of luggage can really help them on their way and give them a daily reminder of the generosity of their colleagues.

Experience Gifts: Memories are a powerful gift for most, but for retirees, they’re the best to have. Organize a whip-round for an experience day such as a concert or sporting event for their favorite team. Hopefully you’ll know them well enough to make the right choices!

Industry Gifts: If the person retiring was a success in something they made or sold, a gift relating to that to remind them of their achievements could be a wonderful surprise. If your company specializes in shoes, then a one of a kind pair of shoes or sneakers could be a lovely reminder of all their years with the company.

Retirement can be a sad time for the person leaving, but it’s also a time of exploration and happiness so sending someone off with a memorable gift will really make their day. You’ll feel the same when it’s your turn eventually!

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