Man Cave Or She Shed: What Could Your Garage Be Turned Into?

Man Cave Or She Shed: What Could Your Garage Be Turned Into?

If you are someone that is looking to move to a bigger home just because you want a place with more rooms, then it might be worth rethinking where you already live. There are rooms that can be divided up and you could even think of extending. One place that often gets forgotten about is the garage. If you have one, it can get left for junk and storage, especially if you don’t use it to store a car. So if your garage does fall into that category, then what could you change it into? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking, and you might not need to move after all!

Man Cave or She Shed: If you live in a family home, then having somewhere for you to escape to can be really refreshing. It might not be somewhere that you use on the daily, but having it there and ready is useful. You could set it up with some seating, a television, and perhaps a games console or a games table. It takes that kind of thing out of the main house, which can free up a lot of space. You could even turn part of the garage into a bar for the ultimate place to chill out and relax in. Getting a dual tap keg could be a good idea, then it will be like your very own pub at home. There is a review of the Edgestar Dual Tap Kegerator at this link if it is something that you want to look into. It could be nice to have your own grown-up playroom, right?

Cinema Room: If you have children or just like to have lots of people over to your house, then a cinema room could be a really good idea. Make sure that you get the walls insulated or have heaters installed. You could go for traditional cinema seating, or even get lots of bean bags, floor cushions, or recliners to watch movies in style. Set up a projector and paint the walls white and you’ll be good to go. All you’ll need now is the popcorn!

Office: More and more people are choosing to work from home or have freelance based jobs so having a space in the home that is set aside for work is definitely a bonus. You can’t shut the door on your work if your computer is in the living room or in your bedroom. A large desk, comfy chair, and plenty of storage are essentials for turning the garage into an office. Just make sure that you can get WiFi in there. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t work. If so, you might need to get an extension to reach out into the garage.

Fitness Room: Why pay for a gym membership if you don’t have to, right? You could convert your garage into a fitness room. Then there is no excuse to get in there and get exercising. Some padded flooring is a good idea, especially if you are doing weights. Just make sure that there is an easy way to control the heat in the room, as you’ll probably want to keep cool when you’re working up a sweat.

If you have a garage or spare room, the possibilities to convert it into a cool hangout are endless! All you need is a little imagination to create a space that is perfect for you.

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