The Hidden Dangers In Your Home


As a parent, your kids are your life. After the responsibility sets in, everything you do, whether directly or indirectly, becomes a part of making sure your kids are as happy and healthy as possible. We’ve all heard the horror stories about kids injuring themselves on apparently harmless things around the house. If you want to avoid one of these, here are some of the biggest hidden dangers to think about:

Blinds & Cords: The boundless curiosity that every child is born with is great in many ways, but it can backfire majorly if it’s applied to the wrong thing. Blinds, in particular, are one thing that’s been found to put a child’s safety at risk. The cords that hang from blinds can become a dangerous trap for curious toddlers, who can become tangled in them, leading to nasty falls and even strangulation. You should be applying the same caution to less obvious cords around the home, as well. Cords connected to your toaster, kettle, and other appliances can be tugged, causing the heavy appliance to fall off the counter and onto a child. From here on, keep any kind of cord out of reach wherever possible. There are many companies like Intercrown which supply child-friendly blinds to avoid such frightening fiascos.


Practice cord caution!

Pesticides: Getting pests in the home is very irritating and can cause a major hygiene concern. Naturally, you don’t want your child’s health to suffer in a home that’s infested with creepy crawlies, and may think that you’re protecting them by using a strong pesticide on various spaces around the house. Wrong! All pesticides contain some toxic chemicals, and children are much more susceptible to them than grown adults. Your child’s brain won’t be fully developed until they reach the age of 12 and if they’re exposed to some of the more common chemicals on the pest control market, it can seriously stunt the development of their central nervous system. It doesn’t help that children have more skin surface relative to their size, and will absorb much more of a given chemical than you or me. Try to avoid pesticides wherever possible, and look for alternatives like this Green Tech Bug Heat treatment. Putting up with a few bugs in the home is much better than long-term exposure to poison.


 Flickr Image

Batteries: Children ingesting small items or choking on them is a major fear for any parent, but batteries are one “small part” that need to be kept away from children more than any other. Once these are swallowed, they’ll actually be digested by the stomach’s acids. This releases the heavy metals in the battery, and can cause some serious health problems. It’s pretty rare for parents to know that their child has swallowed a battery immediately, and it’s only when the aggressive and severe symptoms come up that they seek medical attention. Make sure that all of your batteries, particularly smaller button ones, are out of reach and sight of your kids. It may also be worth thinking about the battery-powered things your child has access to, and how easily they’d be able to take one out.


 Beware of batteries!


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