Having A Movie Night? Make It Simple

Having A Movie Night? Make It Simple

Okay, so everything has gone to plan. The friends you have invited over have said yes, the pizzas have been ordered, the snacks are ready to go, your place looks presentable – like it always does – and the children have been put to bed. You are looking forward to a movie night with your friends who you haven’t had a chance to catch up with properly for weeks. It is only then that you realize you haven’t got the movies ready and worse still, nothing to even put DVDs into. Your laptop is in for repair, and you don’t own a DVD player. You start to panic but then, you realize it can be sorted out quickly. Disaster averted.

It is now really simple and easy to watch movies on your TV through your smartphone, if you have the right equipment. All you have got to do is open up MovieBox on your phone, connect to the Wi-Fi and connect with your DNLA television. Select your movie or movies and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the film. This also means that it’s much easier to find your children’s favorite TV shows, so you can have a moment to yourself while they are engrossed in the latest kids show. You also haven’t got to worry about irritating breaks in the film, as you would when watching a film on a TV channel, so you and your friends can completely enjoy the movie without an advert coming up to steal your concentration.

The ability and magnitude of the internet is now the norm. We can order food, search for the latest breaking news and the live score in the sports game, video chat with family living far away, and even turn the heating at home on or off when we are out and about. It is satisfying to know that our children will grow up in a fast paced world, knowing and growing up with the internet. A lot of us had to educate ourselves about the web when it first started to come to the fore of the masses, and some of us are still learning the basic tools of how and why we should use the internet.

Say, for example, if you really need to go grocery shopping but you can’t leave the house as you have a delivery arriving at an unspecified time. All you have got to do is an online shopping order from a supermarket and your shopping can be delivered to your door on the same day. So, while waiting for that delivery, you can do the cleaning chores before the children get home from school, cook dinner, and surprise them with treats that were delivered just before they arrived home.

Even if you are not a fan of the internet, it is hard to deny that it takes a lot of pressure off of us in terms of getting things done. You can do three, four, five things all at one, with the mere click of a button and your ability to use the world wide web.

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