Moisturize That Skin: How To Take Care Of Your Complexion Over Winter

Moisturize That Skin: How To Take Care Of Your Complexion Over Winter

Over the winter, it’s hard to keep your skin looking flawless. Although we all know that the summer sun can be very damaging for our skin, we often don’t think about the damage that’s done by bitingly cold temperatures and harsh winter winds. With red cheeks, chapped lips, and sore hands, we need a winter remedy to help us feel beautiful again. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks for keeping your skin fresh and picture perfect all year long:

Step Up Your Skincare: We always make sure that we’re wearing sunscreen over the summer – or we should, at least! But people often don’t realize that it’s important to wear a high SPF over the winter, too, because the winter sun can be just as damaging with its UV rays. Make sure that you put your sunscreen or a moisturizer with a high SPF on underneath your makeup and apply it to your neck and décolletage too. Put on night cream when you go to bed at night, along with eye cream. If you get oily skin, try using a gel moisturizer instead – just make sure that you don’t use a cleanser that’s too abrasive and that strips your skin of the natural oils that it needs to stay healthy.


Such cute specs!

Keep Hydrated: In the summer, it’s easy to make sure that you drink plenty of water when it’s so hot outside. Skin cells are made up of water and if you don’t drink enough, then your complexion starts to look dull and lifeless, so it’s important that you keep drinking water all throughout the winter, too. If you’re finding it hard to make yourself do so, why not make flavored water at home with your favorite fruits?

Drinking water will make your skin look fresh and glowing, and it’ll improve your general health – not just that of your skin. Make sure that you take off your makeup every evening with a cleanser that doesn’t strip the natural oils from your skin. If you find that your soap or shampoo aren’t foaming up enough but leaving a greasy layer of residue behind on your skin instead, then you might live in a hard water area – try investing in a water softener to improve matters.


Drink up!

Fake It Till You Make It: If you’re finding it difficult to get perfect skin this winter, then there is always makeup to help with that. You might need a slightly paler shade of foundation than you do in the summer – or if you want lighter coverage with more moisturizing properties, why not go for BB cream instead? Lightly coat your under-eyes with translucent powder before brushing it away to erase any dark circles and do some light contouring to highlight your cheekbones.

A blusher like NARS Orgasm will add some warm color to your cheeks and if you want to go for a more golden summery look, try a golden highlighter and a light layer of bronzer. Complete the look with eye makeup in warm shades like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Winter is the time that you can be a little more experimental with your lip color, so go for a dark berry shade – just make sure you’ve exfoliated your lips first!


Love NYX!

Featured Image By: Pexels

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