Get The Most From Your Vacation By Ensuring Your Home Stays Safe While You’re Away

Get The Most From Your Vacation By Ensuring Your Home Stays Safe While You’re Away

Going on vacation is the perfect chance to get away from all of your everyday stressers. You may want to forget everything for the time you’re away, and that’s fine, but taking a few steps before you go will ensure that you don’t return to disaster. Coming home to find that you’ve had a break in would ruin that relaxed vacation feeling straight away. Avoid that eventuality by ensuring you do everything possible to keep your home safe. Following these tips will allow you to escape entirely during your time away:

Don’t Announce Your Vacation on Social Media: In a world where we live on social media, it’s tempting to plaster your page with news of your vacation. You want your friends to know where you’re going, right? Call them up and tell them! Putting the fact that you’re on vacation online is as bad as sticking a sign on your door saying that the house is empty. Don’t invite a break-in into your life. You may think it’s safe, but you never know who’s watching your page. Even people you don’t have as friends can see what you’re putting online a lot of the time. You may trust everyone on your friend’s list, but it’s those other people you need to be careful with.


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Tell Your Neighbors: Letting a few neighbors know that you’re going away will allow them to keep an eye on the house. Knowing that someone is watching over your place will allow you to stop stressing. Leave a contact number and ask them to call you if they see anything suspicious. It might be worth asking a family member or friend to pop in while you’re away, too. If a thief is watching the house, seeing people coming and going will put them off. Not to mention that your guest can do a quick check around the house. They can collect your mail, as well, so there’s not a pile right in front of the door for anyone to see. Make sure you let those neighbors know that this will be happening to avoid confusion!

Take Precautions: Taking a few home defense precautions is always a good idea, especially if you’re away. Keep your valuables locked up. If you haven’t got a home security system in place, you should consider one. It’s possible to buy alarms which send a notification to your phone when triggered. That way, you’ll know what’s happening straight away. This method is much more reliable than asking people to keep an eye on things. After all, they can’t be watching all of the time.

Leave a Light On: Leaving a light on when you go away is an old trick, but it works. Don’t worry about the cost of the electricity, either. Think how much more you would lose from a break in. Leaving a light on will fool any potential thieves that the house is occupied. This, paired with the person you have popping in every now and again, is sure to work as a deterrent.


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