Easy Peasy Parties: Don’t Miss The Fun With These Time Saving Tips

Easy Peasy Parties: Don’t Miss The Fun With These Time Saving Tips

If there’s one thing that I love, it’s parties! They’re a great excuse to dress up, gather your friends together, and have a great time. But they’re also hard work. If you’re not careful, you could spend the whole evening in the kitchen preparing food and ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Follow our simple tips to enjoy your parties and still be the hostess with the mostess.

The Right Tools For The Job: Having the right tools for the job will make the process simpler and more efficient. So it follows that having the right kitchen appliances and accessories will make your preparations much smoother. Start with the basics like a good set of kitchen knives. Most food prep requires chopping of some description and the right knife will make your job much easier.

If you enjoy baking, possessing a professional food mixer will save on combining, rubbing in, whisking, etc. You’ll be whipping up Baking Show quality cakes in no time at all. An ice machine is also a godsend when it comes to parties and cocktail hour. Check out reviews such as the Manitowoc Ice Machine Review to find the best machine for your needs.

And finally, a dishwasher is indispensable and will pay for itself time and again in terms of the time you save. At the end of the party, you can stack the dishes, close the door, and switch it on. No more standing at the sink for hours clearing up.


^ My kind of party!

Food: The food will depend on the type of party that you’re throwing. If it’s a casual affair, maybe chips, dips, and beers will be sufficient. If you’re throwing a dinner party, then that’s a whole different ball game. For anything in between, there are several nifty time-saving methods that you can employ.

  1. Suggest Everyone Brings A Dish: This will take a little organization. Otherwise, you’ll have thirty plates of cupcakes and no savory snacks. Get your friends together and decide who will bring which dish. Ensure that you have a good selection. This will free you up to spend time on your dress preparations, so you can emerge looking effortlessly stylish.
  1. Do A Buffet: Buffets are a great option when it comes to parties. The food is provided on a large table and everyone helps themselves. You can cater for lots of different tastes; just ensure that everything is correctly labeled. You don’t have to worry about trips in and out of the kitchen and ensuring everything is timed to perfection. You won’t even have to serve. Everyone can serve themselves while you get on with having fun. This is how my graduation party was set up and it worked perfectly! Just make sure that you provide for people with dietary restrictions and preferences like allergies or veganism!

For extra time-saving points, provide guests with paper plates and paper napkins. At the end of the night, go around with a plastic bag and toss the plates in the garbage. No washing up. Bonus! (In my opinion, this is a must!)


 Pixabay Image

  1. Provide a Drinks Table: Providing a drinks table where everyone can help themselves will ease the burden of constantly having to check that everyone’s glass is filled. Pop and water are a necessity but you could also provide the fixings for hot chocolate or a specialty cocktail for some mixing fun!



Parties are fun and a great way to catch up with all of your friends. Don’t miss out on yours by spending it in the kitchen. Employ a few smart time-saving strategies and the party will run itself.

Featured Image By: Pixabay


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