The Redemption of Debt: Can It Ever Be A Good Thing?

The Redemption of Debt: Can It Ever Be A Good Thing?

If you were writing a film of modern life, it’d be pretty easy to cast the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys – medicine, financial freedom, political freedom – basically cast themselves. So do the bad guys: illness, political strife, debt –

Now, hang on a second.

It’s time someone did this. It’s not popular; it’s not the kind of thing that we’re supposed to say. It rubs against the grain of all of those sayings we constantly hear; against being implored to live within our means.

It needs saying, though: Debt is not always a bad thing.

[ Audience gasps, women grab their pearls, and mustached men shake their heads with disappointment at such a statement. ]

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of points in life in which debt is actually a useful thing. When it can be constructive. When, for once in the story of life, debt can wear a white hat.

The Case For Debt – Student Debt: We hear a lot about student debt in the media. We hear about it rising uncontrollably, how students fear not being able to pay it off and will spend their working lives trying to do so. No one is saying that the cost of a college education doesn’t need to come down. However, without student debt – without the bad guy – people wouldn’t have college degrees. In this instance, debt is the price you pay (figuratively as well as literally) for an education and for career prospects. Without it, these things would be out of reach for many people.


Pixabay Image

The Case For Debt – Home Remodeling: For homeowners, debt is frequent. We don’t tend to think of a mortgage as a debt, but it is – technically, the issuing bank owns the property. So there’s the first good debt, and it’s not even the point I wanted to make.

Home remodeling is a wise investment. It can increase not only your enjoyment of your home but the price of your house. In a rising housing market, you could make a huge return on the cost you paid for the home improvement. You don’t have to get into debt to make home improvements, but it’s not uncommon. The cost of good renovation work that will have the benefits as mentioned above is not cheap; personal loans is the quickest and easiest solution. You can then pay it back and make money back when you sell the house. Who’s the good guy now?


 Pixabay Image

The Case For Debt – Reassuring Creditors: It isn’t necessarily just financial products that you have to pass a credit check for now – so you need your credit file to be in good shape. Creditors don’t want you to be a mystery. If you have no debt, you’d think that would be a good thing – but to potential creditors, it’s a leap into the unknown. They don’t know if you make your repayments, as they have no prior history to judge off of. Keeping a small, well-managed debt on your credit file is more reassuring and makes you more likely to be approved.

So while debt may never be a permanent white hat, it’s not always the darkest of blacks either.



 Featured Image By: Pixabay


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