Not-So-Obvious Things Which Could Happen To You When You Have Sleepless Nights

Not-So-Obvious Things Which Could Happen To You When You Have Sleepless Nights

It’s easy to end up experiencing sleepless nights, especially when you are a mom. You are up half the night with the kids so it’s hard to get some decent shut-eye. It means the next day you are walking around like a zombie! But if you encounter sleepless nights on a regular basis, it could be causing more damage than you think. Here are some not-so-obvious things that could happen to you when you have sleepless nights.

It Can Affect Your Thinking and Learning Skills: Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can affect your brain in many ways. We all know it’s easy to be forgetful if you have had a sleepless night. But you might not realize it affects your attention and your alertness. Therefore, you are more likely to make silly errors when driving on the road. In fact, a lot of people get into accidents as they were tired when behind the wheel. Also, having regular sleepless nights can affect your concentration skills. You might struggle to listen to others and think of solutions. It can jeopardize your work if you are not thinking effectively. Try and get enough sleep so you can ensure that you can think and learn every day!

It Can Lead to Skin Aging: We all try to ensure that our skin stays in good condition. After all, we want to prevent wrinkles for as long as possible. But when we have regular sleepless nights, it can lead to skin aging. When we have a sleepless night, our body releases more of the stress hormone, cortisol. It breaks down skin collagen which keeps our skin smooth. Therefore, you may notice a wrinkle on your face. As well as this, sleepless nights can give us dark circles under our eyes. You can get eye creams which you can use to hide your lack of sleep. Or some people even go for dermal fillers under the eyes which can help to improve the tired and drawn out look! To ensure you avoid eye bags and aging skin, head to bed earlier at night!

It Can Lead to Depression: It’s easy to start your morning feeling down in the dumps after a sleepless, restless night. But you might not realize that a lack of sleep can contribute to depression. In fact, research has found that the sleep disorder insomnia is linked with depression. Therefore, your moodiness from lack of sleep may turn into something more serious if you don’t do something about it quickly. Try and figure out why you can’t sleep and solve the problem to protect your mental health!



It Can Cause Hallucinations: People can start experiencing hallucinations if they are sleep deprived. It might be something as simple as seeing something flicker in their vision. Or they might see something which doesn’t exist!  As this article says, this indicates the brain isn’t working properly as you are exhausted. Therefore, you need to head to bed before you become clueless over what is real!

You are also more prone to catching the flu if you are not getting enough sleep. So get snuggled up, catch some Zzz’s,  and avoid human contact till you have had some decent shut eye!

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