The Grapes Of Bath – Stop Getting Angry About Your Bathroom And Do Something About It!

The Grapes Of Bath – Stop Getting Angry About Your Bathroom And Do Something About It!

Is the smallest room in your house a real bone of contention? Do the kids treat it like a play room? Is there mold where there shouldn’t be? Is it a nightmare to keep clean? If so it’s no wonder that you are annoyed. Keeping the bathroom in a decent state can be a trial. But there are some things that can help you on this epic quest. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Gadgets: First of all, if you have a family bathroom, then you need to take into consideration everyone that will be using it. Unfortunately, it is not just your own personal retreat for some ‘me time’ and to escape the hardships of the day. Especially if you are sharing it with your kids.

Luckily there are a few gadgets that can help you keep your bathroom a bit nicer for everyone that needs to use it. Try out something like a toothpaste squeezer. Not only will it get all the paste from the tube, saving you money, but it will also stop the kids from getting it everywhere.

Or how about using a reminder like the Amazon Dash button? All you have to do is press the button next to the item that you are running low on. No more running out of hand soap or toilet roll in your house!


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Decor: Some bathrooms are just beyond the pale if they look dirty no matter how much your scrub them. Or, if they are looking a little dated compared to the rest of your house, then it might be time for a new bathroom suite.

You want to go for the best quality that your budget will allow so your new throne room will last as long as possible. You will also need to consider your style options. Will you go for a sleek modern bathroom or something with a bit more character?

Whatever you do, don’t forget to check online bathroom shops that stock items such as luxury baths and showers.


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Cleaning: Hands up who likes cleaning the bathroom? No one? Shocker! Seriously though, cleaning the bathroom can seem like a major bore and a horrible chore. But you want it to be clean so it’s hygienic and pleasant to use. So how can you reconcile these two things?

Well, you can get everyone that uses it into a good routine. If you use the last piece of toilet roll, then you have to change the roll. If you spill something, you have to mop it up. Not only will this make your bathroom a much more pleasant place to be. But it will also get your family into good habits for when they are older.

You can also do small regular cleans instead of trying to take on a filthy bathroom all in one go. Take 10 minutes out of your day to wipe down and disinfect the bathroom work surfaces. Then, the next day, use a bathroom foam to clean the surfaces quickly and without much fuss.


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