Six Useful Technical Skills You Can Make A Living From

Six Useful Technical Skills You Can Make A Living From

When it comes to considering a career, nothing beats having technical skills. Having the ability to do something practical which many people can’t do will instantly stand out to employers. Not only that, but you can often make your own business or freelancing venture with your technical skills. The best thing is that you can learn many of these skills without having to take a college course. All it takes is some time and dedication. You can learn many of these through short training sessions or even at home!

Many kinds of technical skills can help you make a living. Almost all of these revolve around using a computer. That makes them even easier to learn, as often all you need is your computer and the internet to learn them. A lot of the times, these skills also involve a lot of creativity. It makes for a much more fulfilling job than simply filling in data or working at a cash register.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even learn more than one. Having a range of practical skills is useful for getting hired. Many can also be used to offer profitable freelance services. If you’re ready to start learning a technical skill, here are some of the most useful ones to learn.

Graphic Designing: Excellent graphic designing is a skill that’s in high demand and people will pay a lot for ones that do a fantastic job. There are many routes that you can take with graphic designing. Learning how to use Adobe PhotoShop allows you to create enticing posters, flyers, and other materials. Businesses will appreciate this, as they often need these kinds of images created for them.

Graphic designing also comes in handy when it comes to creating websites. Web designers often need someone to design the graphical interface of a website. If you learn both graphic design and web coding, you could become a skilled solo web designer. Nonetheless, even knowing how to create attractive web graphics by yourself will pay off.

Graphic designing is a skill which yields many opportunities for employment. But a lot of people who are skilled create their own businesses. You can appeal to both businesses and individuals with graphics design skills. People need all kinds of things designed – from leaflets to t-shirt designs. If you want to take things a step further, you could even learn about 3D designing and modeling. This is a skill often used in animation, product design, and things like architecture and interior design.

Video Editing: With YouTube becoming the second most popular website in the world, video editing skills are more valued than ever. All kinds of businesses want to create video content for their company these days. People even pay for video editing skills for personal projects. Of course, learning video editing can also come in handy if you plan to become a content creator yourself.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a world-leader when it comes to video editing, as it works well on both Mac and Windows. Other software such as Apple Final Cut and Sony Vegas Pro is also useful for advanced video editing. It doesn’t hurt to become proficient in multiple programs.

It’s easy to get started in video editing. You can invest in some video editing software and start practicing yourself. There are also training courses which can help you learn fast. For instance, you could take Premiere Pro training classes to learn the software in less than a week.

Many companies hire video editors as part of their media operations. You can also offer your skills on a freelance basis, editing videos for various people. You might want to dabble in video creating and editing yourself by building a YouTube channel. If you become a video-editing whiz, you might even be able to achieve heights of becoming a film or TV editor.

Languages: Having a good command of more than one language is an extremely valued skill. Businesses who need to communicate with international clients will need someone to translate. Some companies need people who can speak multiple languages to deal with overseas colleagues and customers.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to learn new languages. Being able to speak a foreign language is the hottest job skill right now, with 25,000 jobs for interpreters expected to open up by 2020. Government institutions often need those who can speak different languages. The military also hires foreign interpreters relentlessly. Even Fortune 500 companies value multi-linguists.

It’s also a great skill to have for freelancers. Those offering their interpreting skills on a freelance basis can make a serious amount of money. You could also get some exciting opportunities. For instance, you could translate and interpret interviews at sporting events.

A degree will help you get the best opportunities. But you can also learn new languages at home with sites like Duolingo. Usually, the lesser-spoken languages are more valuable. You can get lucrative opportunities by learning Arabic, Farsi, and Asian languages. You could also teach in foreign countries or tutor language students.


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Coding And Programming: Learning how to code a website or program some great software is a highly useful and profitable practical skill. There are many different coding and programming languages you can learn. But if you learn one, you’ll be able to pick others up much easier.

You might want to start with HTML. It’s the primary language used in creating websites. There are many online resources which can help you get started. The fundamentals only take a short time to learn, but it’ll take more time to create more advanced websites. Make sure you find out how to code a site that’s functional on all browsers. Learning to code to W3C standards is also helpful.

Learning PHP and JavaScript is also necessary for professional web designing. You can add things like forms and dynamic web apps using these languages. You should also learn CSS, which is used to style websites. You should also become familiar with MySQL databases. These are often used for managing databases on sites with a base of users.

When it comes to programming software, Java, C, and C++ are the most popular programming languages. You might also want to learn some of the top programming languages for mobile development. The smartphone app market is becoming huge. Learning to create useful and engaging apps is a highly valued skill. You could get paid to develop apps for business, or even create your own and profit from them.

Writing: Writing is becoming more and more valued in today’s content-heavy market. Businesses often hire talented writers to create blogs and promotional materials for them. Those with creative copy-writing skills could also work in advertising writing jingles and scripts.

You should also look into technical writing. It involves simplifying complex materials for a wider audience. It’s a valuable skill, particularly for writing things like instruction manuals and white papers.

The best way to develop writing skills is to get plenty of practice. Creating a blog and taking on freelance writing jobs will help you to develop a portfolio. Although education can help, your body of work will be the most important factor in getting lucrative opportunities.


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Sound Editing: Audio editing is another skill that comes in handy, especially for freelancers. You can use free software like Audacity for basic editing jobs. Becoming proficient in programs like Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools will allow you to take on more complicated jobs.

You can take on various sound editing tasks, like editing radio advertisements and video voice-overs. Those who want to take things a step further may want to get into audio engineering. Those who master sound engineering software are capable of becoming music producers or working on sound for films.

Like other technical skills, you can find resources such as YouTube tutorials and courses to learn. It’s a talent that can take you a long way if you dedicate yourself to it.

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  1. I loved this, I remember when I was at school choosing an engineering path rather than a graphical design path as at the time the internet didn’t exist in the way we know it today. How times have changed, I could work as a graphical designer… that would be right up my street! 🙂


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  5. Great post!! You are definitly correct when you mention programming and coding. I believe that website owners should know a html ( which is the least, considering the how dyanamic the digital market is at the moment). Today web development is probably a great skill. Owners of start up businesses can invest less if the owner has good web development skills.
    But overall I liked this article!

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