Turn The TV Off And Spend Some Time As A Family

Turn The TV Off And Spend Some Time As A Family

TV and movie time as a family is great but getting out and being active together is even better! Here are some tips for creating some fun new memories sans the telly!

Turn The TV Off And Spend Some Time As A Family:

There’s no point shying away from the fact that technology has had a big impact on ours’ and our children’s lives. Gone are the days when kids would spend their time bike riding, climbing trees, and playing outside. Nowadays, most children prefer to spend their time watching movies or playing computer games. Of course, technology is highly beneficial and has improved our lives in a lot of ways.

However, in many ways, it has impacted family time. Making it just a little bit harder to get the quality time that as families, we need. That being said, just because technology makes it harder to have quality family time, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s just a case of coming up with ideas for spending time as a family that don’t include the TV or games consoles but are still fun and appealing to the kids.

Take a Camping Trip: One of the most exciting parts of any childhood is going on a camping trip. Kids love adventure, which is why taking a family camping trip is a great idea. The kids will be excited to spend some time out in the wilderness, a campsite, or even your own backyard; and you can look forward to spending some quality time together.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for one night or several nights, all that matters is that you’re doing something as a family. You can build campfires, roast marshmallows, and play games together. If you’re not keen on sleeping under the stars, how about going glamping instead? (My kind of camping!!)



Start a New Family Hobby: Another way to spend some time together as a family is to start a new hobby together. This doesn’t have to be anything too time-consuming, just something that you can all do and enjoy together. Think about what yours’ and your children’s likes and dislikes are and then go from there.

Say, for example; your kids love treasure hunts and you love walking. If this is the case, Geocaching could be the ideal hobby to take up. Geocaching is where you use an app to direct you to the hidden treasure – AKA little things that other people have hidden. This may not be 100 percent technology-free but the app only acts as a map and gives you clues, it’s not the main part of the hobby. The fun part is trying to find the things that have been hidden. For kids, it’s a ton of fun and encourages them to get out of the house and be active.

Or maybe, you’re pretty handy at sewing. Why not make teaching your kids to sew your family hobby? Get your children a sewing book. Look online at the best beginner sewing machine for kids to ensure that you pick the right one. Spend some time teaching them how to sew. Sewing might be a slightly outdated hobby, but it can still be a lot of fun. Whether you’re making new clothes for dolls, Halloween costumes, or just putting some fun patches on a pair of jeans, the main idea is that you’re creating something together!

Cook Together: Reserving one night a week for a family cooking night is another possibility. Each week, spend one night cooking together as a family. This could be trying something new or it could be making simple things like pizza. It’s not about what you cook but about having some fun, getting a little messy, and teaching your kids some new culinary skills. To vamp up this idea even more, you could dedicate each week to creating a meal from a different culture. This will encourage your children to try new things as well as cultivate a sense of adventure when it comes to different foods.


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What are some of your favorite TV free activities to do as a family? How about your favorite meal to cook together? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



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