Kids And Pets: Teaching Your Children Responsibility The Adorable Way

Kids And Pets: Teaching Your Children Responsibility The Adorable Way

My first pet was a guinea pig way back when in the fifth grade. He was the most precious little thing – black and white with a brown circle around his left eye. My fifth grade level of creativity settled on the name of Oreo and he was simply the best. I have always been really fond of small, furry animals and now the latest battle is getting my boyfriend to get me a bunny! So far I have been unsuccessful but that’s nothing that a little persistence can’t cure! Check out some more ideas for pets that are perfect for children in this article:

Kids And Pets: Teaching Your Children Responsibility The Adorable Way:

Any parent knows the feeling that creeps up when the kids decide that they want a pet. There is a conversation that always takes place between the parent, who is keen and reluctant at the same time, and the kids. You know that there will be early enthusiasm, followed by distraction. You will be left being the one who looks after the pet – which you won’t mind, but there are valuable lessons about responsibility here.

It doesn’t help that the most usual pets are the ones who often require the most looking after. Everyone loves a kitten or a puppy. As they grow, though, they need to be seen through some milestones. Unless you want a misbehaving adolescent dog or a litter of surprise kittens, they need to be “fixed”. And if they act out while you’re away from home, it’s carnage. So to get kids used to looking after a pet, a less high-maintenance one may be a great start.

Birds: Noisy And Full Of Character, But Not Too Much Stress: A tropical bird can be one of the most enjoyable pets for kids and adults alike. It is advisable to find one that is already habituated to humans. Find a hand raised Amazon for sale and look forward to some of the most entertaining years of your life.

Of course, they need to be fed but that’s no sweat. Even the most squeamish kid can find the fun in feeding bits of fruit to a parrot. And be careful of your children trying to teach the parrot rude words. It’s almost inevitable, but the more attention you pay, the less likely there will be “hilarious consequences.”


Bird is the word

Tortoises: The Anti-Parrot (In Most Ways): If you’re looking for a low maintenance pet, you can’t go far wrong with a tortoise. Your kids may initially be skeptical. You can’t take a tortoise for a walk on a leash, or teach it to beg for scraps. However, they are sociable and patient animals. One major advantage that they have is that they can live to a ripe old age. Anyone who has ever consoled a child through the loss of a pet knows how much of a relief this is.


Guinea Pigs: Full Of Fun And Easy To Handle: If you’re looking for something in the small rodent family, then the Guinea Pig is the ideal pet to get your kids used to furry friends. They’re highly sociable and don’t mind being handled. They also know when they are about to be fed, which leads to an excitable squeak that the kids will adore. And when they’re euphoric, they do something called “popcorning.” On that, we’ll let the video speak – or squeak – for itself.



Of course, you will need to talk seriously with your kids from time to time about how to look after a pet. Naturally, their attention spans are not at the same level as yours. But as they gain the skills to care for a pet, you can think about cats and dogs too. Just watch out if you have a cat and a parrot. Cats like to chase birds, and they may see an adult parrot as the ultimate challenge!

What was your first pet? What kind of pet do you have now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Featured Image By: Pixabay

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  1. My 9-year-old has been begging for a bunny for almost two years now, but I just can’t face it. We have a dog. And I don’t like bunnies. If we were to get one, and things didn’t go well with the dog, I’d never forgive myself. And I suspect my relationship with the 9-year-old would also suffer.


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  3. My first pets were zebra finches and various aquarium fresh water fish. Then my dog Buffy. Over the years I have had various pets. The most important lessons I have taught my children are: 1. You get fed and watered more than once a day. 2. You have a dry, warm/ cool place to live. 3. Anything with a mouth can bite! 4. Be nice to creatures big and small. 5. We never pet an animal we do not personally know. Very similar to do not talk to or leave with strangers. 6. We look with our eyes not our hands.


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