Away On Vaca

Away On Vaca

Hello everyone! I will be taking my vacation hiatus starting tomorrow and will not be available until the twelth. “Does this mean there won’t be blog posts on your page while you’re gone?” you might ask. The answer is NO because I have organized a vacation guest bloggers series for while I’m away. These posts were created special for all of my readers by new and old blogging friends and are there for your enjoyment until I return.

My guest bloggers have created some really fantastic articles for you guys and I just know that you’re going to love them. All of these guests will always have a home on lifewithlilred if they so choose and I hope that all of you will make them feel welcome on my page!

“Does this mean we’re not going to hear from you at all while you’re gone?” you might ask. The answer is NO because I will have access to WiFi at the cabin my family will be staying in. I will check in on the blog from time to time but for substantial vacation updates, you can find me on my personal Facebook page! I will be posting pictures, statuses, and the good ol’ Twistfire ads so please feel free to follow me on there for lots of vaca fun!

I hope all of you have a super fabulous time while I’m away and I look forward to hearing from all of you when I return! Ta ta for now because I’m off to North Carolina, baby! Much love. -Sarah

PS: Sorry I’ve been MIA these past few days – my summer classes, internship, and job with NCI has taken over my lifeeeeeeee!

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