Website Reconstruction

Website Reconstruction

Hellooo everyone and happy Saturday! You guys may have noticed that is looking a bit different now and I’m here to tell you why: I got accepted for WordAds!!!! Because I got accepted for ads to run on my site, I had to select a new theme that was more compatible with the positions and amount of the ads that will be featured on lifewithlilred. I’m going to miss my old Reddle theme because I’ve had it ever since I started blogging over a year ago but in these next few weeks, I’ll be doing everything I can to get lifewithlilred back to looking semi-normal again!

Until I can figure out how I want my blog arranged, all I ask is that you be patient with me because lifewithlilred is officially being reconstructed. If you have any suggestions on ways to improve the appearance of my site, PLEASE let me know! I’m currently using the theme Matala but I’m open to any suggestions on what WordAds compatible theme you might recommend! What theme does your site use? Who else is a member of the WordAds team? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


^^^ I miss my header photo so much! 😦

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  1. I love red, however, the red on your site is incredibly powerful and for me, detracts from your content. That’s a purely subjective view and in no way is it a criticism. The advert that runs along the top of your title, does interfere ever so slightly with the name of your blog. I’m not sure how you get round that though, but there must be a way; there’s always a way. Take your time to get things just the way you want them and don’t be afraid to change it if it doesn’t work. Decide on what it is that you feel is the most important message that you want to get across to your readers; if it’s the colour red, then the red works just fine. It might be worth bearing in mind that some people are colour blind and so may struggle a little. I wish you well on your new journey.


    • thanks for your feedback! Red is my color so that’s always going to be here to stay and unfortunately as far as that top ad goes, it isn’t going anywhere :/ I don’t have any say as to where the ads are placed on my site but I guess I’d rather it be there than have no ads at all. I just really want a header photo again but all of the wordads compatible themes don’t really accommodate that…at least the ones that are free, anyways! thanks again! ❤

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