Weekend Updates!!

Weekend Updates!!

Heyyy everyone and happy weekend! This post is not only a friendly reminder that I’ll be MIA until the usual Monday Update and Man Crush Monday posts but it’s also a quick preview of things to come on http://www.lifewithlilred.com! But first, why will I be away from the home office this weekend? Because I’m lucky enough to share it with my boyfriend, Kyle, before our week at school and work starts. Curious about my mystery man? Check out this video of him on the news discussing the restaurant he manages, Gervasi Vineyard. Kyle’s interview is the first one featured on the site that I’m posting the link to. He’s a real stud! (And he’s been insistently asking me if I’m ever going to put his two and a half minutes of fame on the ol’ blog!)


^^^ What a guy!

So now that you guys have seen Kyle in all of his televised glory, I’m so excited to let you all know about the fun upcoming articles on lifewithlilred! As you know, I wrote for the darling ukulele duo, Recipe Of Life, a week ago and I promise that that will be posted soon! Right when their single “Are You Ready?” is released on iTunes, their write up will be here for your viewing pleasure! I’m so thrilled to be featuring these sweet girls on my blog and I know you’re all going to love them!!

Tomorrow I’ll be taking lifewithlilred to the streets, yet again, to meet with another blossoming talent in Ohio, Britta Michele. Britta is a photographer extraordinaire and owner of Daffodil Blue Photography. I’ll be conducting an interview with the lovely miss over coffee so we can discuss her business and what makes the perfect photograph! A fun impromptu photo shoot is also a possibility, so make sure you keep it posted because there will be a lot more to come!!

With homework, write ups, and boyfriend time this weekend, I’ll be a busy little bee but I’ll be back on Monday for all of the latest and greatest. However, it might not be until the evening when I return home from school! Until then, what is everyone up to this weekend? Any big plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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