Monday Update: Shoes, Shoes Shoes Edition!

Monday Update: Shoes, Shoes Shoes Edition!

Helloooo everyone and welcome to my Monday Update: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Edition! My mom and I had a fabulous afternoon of shopping at Kohl’s yesterday and I made out like a bandit in the markdown shoes department. Take a look at my three new beauties that I got for an amazing price:


^^^ So gorgeous, right? Before I discuss the experience, here’s the usual break down of each shoe and the brand. I also will be including the original and markdown prices as well!

  • Black wedges: Kohl’s, Apt. 9 (Originally $64.99, marked down to $18 and some change)
  • White lace up wedges: Kohl’s, Juicy Couture (Originally $74.99, marked down to $50)
  • Mushroom grey wedges: Kohl’s, Juicy Couture (Originally $74.99, marked down to $19 and some change)

For three amazing pairs of shoes I paid about $90 and saved a total of over $100…if that’s not ballin on a budget then I don’t know what is!

When my mom asked me to go to Kohl’s with her I really had no intention of buying anything – but lo and behold, I ended up having multiple shoegasms that resulted in my ever growing shoe collection to expand once again. Kohl’s always has amazing winter markdowns, especially in the shoe department. In fact, some of my favorite shoes have came from the end of winter sales, including my beloved Vera Wang wedges and a really amazing pair of lace up espadrille wedges. So needless to say, I’m not surprised with how lucky I got in the shoe section yesterday. By the time I got to the shoesies, I already had an armful of clothes that I planned on trying after I breezed through the shoes. But I shouldn’t have lied to myself, because with Lil Red there’s no such thing as “breezing through” the shoe department. AS IF. As soon as I got to the shoe section my eyes fell on my beautiful new lace up Juicy heels and I knew that they had to be mine. My armful of clothes was no longer of importance, because I was in shoe territory now and the only thing that mattered was getting those pretty babies on my feet ASAP. It was seriously love at first sight and I feel even deeper into my affection once I took my first steps in them. They were perfect. I was in love, and when my mom showed up to take a look at my finds, so was she. While strutting about the shoe section in my latest obsession, I happened to notice the green/grey Juicy wedges which made my heart beat a little faster when I laid eyes on them. I grabbed my size and when I looked at the price I almost had an aneurism! Nineteen dollars?! Yes, please. In all reality, I didn’t even have to try these shoes on because I knew I was going to purchase them. They were adorable and you’re not going to NOT buy a pair of Juicy wedges for under twenty bucks! I modeled them for the full length mirror and my mama anyways, and while I took my usual stroll around the shoe department once more to test the waters of the wicker basket detailed wedges I locked eyes on one more fabulous find…the black zip up Apt. 9 wedges for EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. I basically shoegasmed everywhere. Once again, I snatched up my size and returned back to my mom and try on bench for the last time. My mom is such an amazing sport – every new shoe that I showed up with she rolled her eyes and said something along the lines of “it must be hard having everything look good on you” or “Sarah, you’re the only one who could pull those off…other than the designers”. So sweet! My Apt. 9 wedges were no exception, because as soon as they were on my feet they had the mama and Sarah stamp of approval…who could ask for anything more?!

Annnnd in case you were wondering, here’s a picture of my shirt that I got at The Used concert on Saturday night!


^^^ Love, love, love.

I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful Monday! Where are all of my fans of The Following at? How excited are you for tonight’s new episode?! I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: My new shoe purchases can be found online at or possibly in stores depending on their markdown selection!

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