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Accessory Story: New Sunnies Edition

Accessory Story: New Sunnies Edition

Hiiii everyone! I know that after my last post about the fifty cent sunglasses I got from the thrift store, I vowed to never purchase sunnies for over ten bucks again. But, sadly, seventy-five percent of my sunglasses collection has broke in the past year, because all of them are old AF. Seriously, I’ve had some of these pairs since high school, so it’s no wonder that the ones that are almost a decade old have been snap, crackle, and popping their way into the trash can.

So, needless to say, I really needed a reup of shades and, although the two pairs I picked out from TJMaxx were slightly over my ten dollar budget, I am so happy with them! Take a look and let’s discuss:


As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of huge sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong, I love the teeny tiny pairs, too. But, nine times out of ten, I opt for a pair that’s big enough to cover half of my face. To me, there’s something so glamorous about big shades and, although my life is far from luxurious, it’s nice to play pretend!

The big frames are a Lil Red must, and so is a more muted color palette when it comes to my sunnies. Huge shades in a bright color would like a little much with my bright red hair and lipstick, so I like to go for the tortoise patterns, blacks, and browns. Both the Sam Edelman and Tahari pairs that I purchased feature a tortoise hue, which makes their size chic instead of cartoon-y and I am so looking forward to wearing them once the sun finally makes an appearance in Ohio. Now, here’s to hoping that they don’t break! #fingerscrossed

Do you prefer large or small sunglasses? What does your favorite pair of shades look like? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

TJMaxx Fall Haul (Pt. 3!)

TJMaxx Fall Haul (Pt. 3!)

You know how they say that you shouldn’t shop when you’re feeling emotional? Kind of like how you shouldn’t go grocery shopping if you’re super hungry? I call bullshit. This past Friday proved that emotional shopping is actually the best thing ever. Saying that my mom and I had a rough day is the understatement of the century. By the time the evening rolled around we were totally over wallowing about what a shitty day we were having and needed to get out of the house.

Naturally, the first place that came to both of our minds was TJs. We had a ten dollar gift card burning a hole in our pocket and after a day of complete crappiness, an evening spent among pretty things was much needed. There’s just something about going out and picking yourself out something nice that makes you instantly perk up. Finding a gorgeous new pair of shoes or simply a new winter scarf gives you back that “yes!” feeling and has you ready to take on the day again. Or is that just me?

Anyways, my mom and I decided to venture a little farther into Fairlawn as opposed to our usual TJs stomping grounds in Cuyahoga Falls. The Fairlawn location offers a more high end selection while the CFalls one is more of a value store. Neither one is better than the other, though, because I have gotten amazing hauls from both of them as well as completely struck out before at both locations, too. Our little evening trip ended up being totally worth it because we both walked away with new shoes, new winter accessories, AND some Christmas presents for our beloved pups. :*) Take a look:

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The Haul:

  • Leopard Print Booties: Circus by Sam Edelman
  • Tan Boots: Toms (My mom picked these out for herself! So cute!)
  • Pink Beanie: Kate Spade
  • Smiley Face Scarf: Nardi & Tagliaferri

I have been hooked on the idea of owning some kind of footwear with leopard print on it for a while. However, every boot, heel, or sneaker that I have come across always just ended up looking really cheap. I was pretty dead set on wanting to find a printed bootie since it isn’t exactly heels weather anymore so I was so happy when I came across my new pair of Circus booties by Sam Edelman.

I have always had a deep love for little black booties and have at least six pairs that boast various shapes, zippers, buckles, and styles. If I had to pick a favorite style though – I would have to say that I love buckles and a sharp pointed toe. My new pair of Sam Edelman’s offer all of that as well as a little peppering in of leopard print to help curb my current obsession.

If you ever come across a pair of booties in this brand that are similar to mine, I will say that they run quite big so I would go down at least half a size. I am normally a solid 6 1/2 and was really lucky that they had a size six. If not, I don’t think that I would have been able to purchase them because the 6 1/2 legit looked like clown shoes on me. Thank you for smiling on me, shoe gods!

The pair of Toms boots that my mom got were too freaking cute not to share, too! These boots were only THIRTY dollars which is crazy because I know that that brand of shoes costs a pretty penny. I love when my mom finds something new that makes her feel good and we always have the best time playing fashion show when we get home. That’s when I help her style outfits for work and play and if she’s feeling saucy she’ll even try and help me create a new outfit for school or work! So precious. ❤

And finally, my new winter accessories. The TJs that we were at had a gigantic section filled with gloves, scarves, hats, and earmuffs and all of them were unbearably cute. However, the problem was that they had a million of every single item that I liked. That is something that I really try to avoid because I like for all of my purchases to have a slim possibility of being worn by someone else.

So, I decided to utilize the technique that I employ quite often. It’s kind of like playing I Spy. You go through each row of items and you try and find something in there that doesn’t belong. Whether it be from someone shoving it in the wrong place or the fact that there was only one of the pieces left, it is a great way to find something that feels like it was there just for you. That is how I found my hot pink Kate Spade beanie as well as my Nardi & Tagliaferri (made in Florence!) scarf.

My mom and I are kind of in love with all things Kate Spade so when I found this hot pink beacon of a beanie popping out amidst a sea of creams and greys, I had to try it on. I actually don’t own anything hot pink because I’m just not that kind of girl but this hat is so darling! I love the bow on the top and it’s the perfect touch of girly among my normally all black outfits. Not only that, but it goes perfectly with my new scarf!

I only own one winter scarf and I have had it since freshman year of high school. (Eight years! Yikes!!) A new scarf wasn’t exactly a priority on my list of things that I want but when I was playing my I Spy game and found the cheeky smiley faces peeking out from all of the draping scarves, I knew that it was the one. I love, love, love heather grey and the scarf was the perfect mix between being too warm and not being warm enough. When I tried my scarf on along with the Kate Spade hat and the tan safari jacket that I was wearing, I felt so fall chic and fun that I couldn’t not get it! And of course, I love having things from Europe so the fact that it was made in Florence was a big plus for me!

Was this shopping trip to TJs with my mom absolutely necessary? I would say, YES. After such a successful haul as well as some quality time with each other, we were back to our chipper selves – just a bit more fashionable than before. Sometimes all you really need is an evening out with your mom at TJMaxx to shake away the blues of a bad day! Love you mama! ❤

So there you have it, my TJMaxx Fall Haul (Pt. 3!)! Who has started their holiday shopping already? Where is the best place to get some amazing seasonal deals? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah