Happy Tails Thrift Shop

Happy Tails Thrift Shop

Hello! Recently, a really cool thrift shop opened up right down the road from me. It is called Happy Tails and all of the proceeds are given to the Akron Humane Society. My mom enjoys volunteering there on the weekends and I love taking my clients there to shop around and find some good deals. And, I found some good deals too! This past month, I got a four drawer filing cabinet (Which I’ve wanted for forever.) and a pair of retro sunglasses for just under eleven bucks. Check it out:


I am so incredibly happy with my purchases and it’s even better that the money goes to helping our local animals in need. I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas and, sadly, did not find one under the tree. And, while scoping post holiday sales, a two drawer cabinet was still around forty dollars. I got twice that for ten bucks!

I love the old school locker feel of my new cabinets and I had a blast organizing all of my paperwork in accordion folders so that I no longer have to lug huge binders from home to home. I was able to clear away a ton of clutter to house in my new cabinet and I even left a drawer for my mom to store all of her paperwork in, too. My filing cabinet makes me feel like an adulting champion and there is nothing better than that.

My new sunnies that I got for fifty cents was also a huge success from Happy Tails and I’ve worn them every day since I got them. Within the past year, seventy-five percent of the sunglasses that I’ve owned for years have broke. And, while I’m shopping at Target or TJMaxx, I just can’t justify spending twelve to fifteen bucks on a pair of shades. But, fifty scents for these mini framed, mint green beauties was something that I could definitely swing! I’ve wanted a pair like this for forever, and the funky color makes them unique and so totally fun!

Thrifting can bring tons of amazing steals and when your spendings go to a good cause, it makes it that much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to go shop at Happy Tails again soon. 😀

What is the best thing you’ve found at a thrift store? What are some ways that you shop smart? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Your new shades are awesome! I always enjoy a new purchase a lot more when it’s a bargain.

    My latest bargain was getting one of Hobbycraft’s £50, mint green, three tier trollies for £20. [They were in their half price sale and they had a bonus of 15% off for first orders.]

    Ikea also sell the same trolly for £50 so chances are you’ll have seen them even if you don’t have Hobbycraft in your country.

    I use mine for keeping all my journaling and crafting paraphernalia close to hand. I’ve seen that other folk use them for bathroom storage, stashing their cosmetics or even as a bedside table. I shall definitely be getting another next time they’re in the sale!


      • It’s definitely a thing of beauty – I’m very tempted to buy a second one for my bedroom, when they’re in the sale again.

        I’m planning a serious downscale of my makeup collection – I’ve accumulated so much I can never find what I want to wear. Maybe a new trolley to house what I keep would be a great incentive and a suitable reward? 😉


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