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Accessory Story: Michael Kors Necklace Edition

Accessory Story: Michael Kors Necklace Edition

Howdy! When it comes to jewelry, I either really like it or completely hate it. There’s no happy medium. And, when I choose to wear it, I pile it on so much that I would surely sink if I took a trip to the ocean. I rarely buy jewelry, because I have quite the collection from my beloved grandma and from when I would spend my money more frivolously. But, trust and believe that when I do find a piece that I like enough to buy, I have every intention of wearing it constantly. Like the Michael Kors necklace below, for example:


I would never consider myself one who would obsess over labels but, I do really really like Michael Kors. Ever since religiously watching Project Runway when I was young, I fell in love with his simple but oh so chic brand. From his clothing to accessories, everything looks so sharp and crisp and that’s something that I try to emulate in all of my looks. I only own one pair of shoes from this coveted brand so, needless to say, I admire everything that TJMaxx has in stock by him from afar.

So, why would I go ahead and purchase a fifty dollar necklace if I look but never buy? Because I know a good deal when I see one! The original price of this necklace was one hundred and twenty-five bucks, so I felt like I was getting it for a steal. And, of course, I absolutely LOVE it and sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yoself!

I am a flashy girl and gold jewelry speaks to me. And, this Michael Kors lock necklace had a lot to say. I love the blingy golden yellow color and the length of the chain. The darling little lock makes it sweet, but the almost gaudy color and past my belly button length chain makes it a statement. But, like all of the pieces in Michael Kors’ collections, it makes a statement while somehow still maintaining that touch of elegant simplicity and I am living for it.

I have worn my new necklace almost daily since I bought it and the compliments have been pouring in. This is nice, but I like the fact that it reminds me of a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent shopping with my beautiful mother even more! ❤

What is a brand that you admire from afar? What is your favorite style of jewelry to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

If The Shoe Fits – Michael Kors Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Michael Kors Edition

Helloooooo everyone and welcome to a new issue of If The Shoe Fits – Michael Kors style! In association with my post yesterday entitled “Fall Shopping Fun” these beautiful Michael Kors booties were also purchased with the intention of adding them to my cold weather wardrobe. Take a better look at my pretty new babies and then let’s discuss:


Alright, first let me just say that I am far from a label whore when it comes to my clothing. I don’t care for designer anything. I live for a good deal at Target, Kohl’s, or TJMaxx so it’s extremely out of the ordinary for me to own anything from what I consider a “high end” designer. BUT I saw these boots while shopping with my mom at TJ’s and I fell in love. So how did these MK buckle adorned beauties end up coming home with me? I’m so glad you asked!

I LOVE going to TJ’s with my mom. I can remember going shopping there with my grandma when I was really young and ever since I’ve been a die hard Maxxinista. Whenever my mom and I hit up our favorite store, we always always start in the shoe department. The past few times we’ve shopped at TJ’s we’ve been unimpressed with what they had to offer but not this time around! As I ambled through the aisles of boots, heels, and flats my eyes locked on the industrial style booties. I hurried over and plucked them off the shelf and immediately turned them over to inspect the price. When I saw the tag was far out of my normal price range, I realized that they were Michael Kors. “Oh, that explains it”, I thought to myself and put them back with a heavy heart.

Once my mom caught up to me she asked me if I saw anything that I liked and I pointed out the booties that I just recently returned to the shelf. “Well are you gonna try them on?” she asked. “No, they’re too expensive and I know that if I try them on I’m going to like them too much.” My mom didn’t argue with my logic and we continued to peruse the shoe department together. As my partner in crime tried on some cute new booties of her own, all I wanted to do was try on the Michael Kors. I voiced my insatiable desire deep in my loins to her and she urged me to give them a try. Well, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I rushed my sweet ass to the MK’s and snatched them so fast I was worried that I was going to break a nail. I brought them back to the benches to try them on for the moment of truth…

I sat my sweet tookus on the bench and slipped off my knee high tan riding boots all while thinking, “Sarah, you really shouldn’t be doing this”. But it was too late, my shoes were already off and the Michael Kors were sitting there, waiting patiently to join forces with my feet. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes tight, and shoved the right boot on. I zipped up the zipper on the side and told myself that “that wasn’t so bad” and pulled on the left shoe to complete the pair. I hoisted my sweet badonk off of the bench and walked slowly to the mirror. “Damnit,” I thought as I saw my reflection, “I love them”.

As soon as I saw them in all of their rocker chic glory I knew that I couldn’t leave the store without them. They. Were. Perfect. These Michael Kors booties have legitimately everything that I love. They’re black, buckled, zippered, and edgy as hell. As I previously mentioned, I don’t care about labels. In fact, I hate them. BUT for my first and only pair of designer shoes, I think that they hit the nail on the head!

I don’t plan on buying any more “high end” heels or boots to add to my collection because I really do think that they’re unnecessary. However, I deemed my purchase “worth it” because it really is a one time splurge and the only harm in that is to my wallet. Yes, I do have a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories but 99% of them were purchased with price in mind. I’m a smart shopper, I always wait for the best deals, and I like to think that I ball on a budget – but I don’t know any girl that’s going to turn down a pair of Michael Kors booties that were literally made for you!

So there you have it, my latest purchase documented in If The Shoe Fits – Michael Kors Edition. With my amazing new booties and fun new shirt that you can see in “Fall Shopping Fun”, I think that I’ll take a break from the mall for a while…But I really do love both of my new editions to my wardrobe! What has been your favorite splurge purchase? What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah