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Pittsburgh Partayyy

Pittsburgh Partayyy

Hiii! This past weekend, I spent time in Pittsburgh with my cousin Laura and her boyfriend Victor. You might remember Laura from the amazing job that she did microblading my eyebrows in October! During my mini vaca, I got my eyebrows touched up AND I finally got some bling on my teeth, because Laura was able to put some tooth gems on me. They are SO cute! Laura is finishing up the final touches on the pictures that she took but, keep your eyes peeled, because once she’s done I will post them along with the microblading touch up process.

I won’t leave you guys with the details of the rest of my trip, because Laura and I suffered from the most debilitating hangovers ever and it was a really gross time for all parties involved. Despite this, we still had a lot of fun and I wouldn’t want to spend an entire day feeling like ass and binge watching Broad City with anyone but her!

Where is your favorite place to take a weekend trip? What are your go to hangover cures? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

TJMaxx Mini Haul

TJMaxx Mini Haul

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I hope all of you are having a super fab weekend. So Friday was a wonderful, but boozy time, and your girl spent yesterday nursing a hangover from HELL. Seriously, I was completely miserable and spent a majority of the day in bed watching a Catfish marathon. But, despite feeling like total ass, I ponied up and went with my mom to Home Goods and TJMaxx in the evening so she could pick up a few things and make some returns. And, honestly, when have I ever said no to going to TJMaxx?!

My beloved mom and I haven’t been out shopping together in a while and even though I felt like I got ran over by stampeding elephants, we still had a lot of fun! We browsed around Home Goods, which I’ve grown increasingly more fond of with every trip and ended up with some delightful new home goods. 😉 The TJMaxx trip was awesome, though, because we were in a fancier area than our normal location so it was a nice little change of pace. Take a look at my mini haul and let’s discuss:


The Haul:

  • The Body Shop Oat & Honey mask
  • Yes To Coconut souffle moisturizer
  • Olive green baseball cap (brand unknown!)

The Price: About twenty bucks total

I am always so, so happy when I can find really good skin care products at TJs on the cheap. I have been absolutely loving face masks as of late so finding a TBS one for FIVE DOLLARS was such a treat! I have used the Oat & Honey mask before and it was nice but nothing that I would ever pay full price for so it was definitely a pleasant surprise to be able to snag it for a price that you couldn’t get at TBS even if it was on sale.

Not only did I get a new mask to add to my collection but I also got a moisturizer that I freaking LOVE! My mom got me the Yes To Coconut souffle moisturizer for my birthday or Christmas, I forget which, and it was so fabulous. Normally, I’m not a huge coconut fan but this moisturizer smells so good to me. It’s definitely coconutty but it also has that rich, creamy scent and texture that I love so very much. And did I mention that it works wonderfully, to boot?! This moisturizer absorbs so quickly, sits well under makeup, and leaves your complexion looking like peaches and cream perfection. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to get my Yes To Coconut moisturizer for a TJMaxx price!

And, finally, my new baseball cap!! I am such a fan of hats. I wouldn’t say that they’re my favorite accessory but they are definitely high on the list. Floppy hats, beanies, baseball caps, Panama hats, sun hats, cold weather wool hats – I love them all. I have two boxes full of hats in my closet thanks to an appreciation that stemmed from my darling grandma who had over one hundred and fifty hats!

But, one style of hat that I have been meaning to give more love to as of late is the baseball cap. I loves me a good ball cap but I always have difficulty finding ones that work in terms of color with my hair. With my bright red locks I want anything that I put on my head to compliment, rather than clash. That’s why I was so attracted to this shiny, olive green cap for ten dolla holla at TJs.

Green, no matter what shade, is a color that always looks good on me. Thanks to red hair and pasty pale skin, fifty shades of green is a color that I know that I can turn to and I will look my best. My new hat just made everything pop. My eyes looked bright, my skin glowed, and my hair (even though I really need to dye it) looked fantastic. And you KNOW that this hat was a winner if I felt that I looked good even with a hangover!! Everything about this hat worked AND it didn’t make me look like Ashton Kutcher so, obviously, this little baby was going home with me!

Even though this was a small haul, I ended up with two skin care products and a hat that I totally love and only paid a whopping twenty bucks for. Sounds like a steal to me!

So there you have it, my TJMaxx Mini Haul! Who else has a deep love for TJMaxx? What is your favorite accessory to rock? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Kristen’s Birthday Celebration!

Kristen’s Birthday Celebration!

Hello one and all and happy Thursday! Yesterday was my sister, Kristen’s 23rd birthday and it was a very fun time celebrating! We went to Hibachi Japan for dinner with a group of her friends and then to the bar after. Dinner was really good, I’ve never been to Hibachi before so that was a treat. The chefs make your food right in front of you which was really cool to watch…a bit scary when the flames on the grill thingie got really high though! It startled me every time! I got the vegetable sushi rolls, which unfortunately weren’t filling in the slightest – honestly, I just really wanted some Taco Bell! Ha. I planned on going home after dinner because I’m not twenty-one yet so I was afraid I’d get carded at the bar and yada, yada, yada. I also had to be up in the morning for school today. But after a little coaxing from everyone at dinner that I should just stay for one drink, I reluctantly agreed to go – so it was off to the bar. We went to some place in Highland Square in Akron and homegirl didn’t get carded! HOLLA. If I knew that getting into bars underage was so easy, I would have been going years ago! ANYWHO, we started off with a shot of Fireball, which is a cinnamon flavored whiskey…totally nasty, but it gets the job done. So I took my shot which qualified as my “one drink” but of course the last thing I wanted to do was turn around and go home. What kind of a sister would I be if I didn’t stay to celebrate with Kristen? And I was really excited to have my first bar experience! Besides, right when I was thinking about leaving these two guys offered to buy us another round of shots for the birthday girl and you’re not going to not say no to that! As the night progressed, it was safe to say that I was white girl wasted. The culprit was Fireball shots and Vodka Cranberry. I always tell everyone that if I were an alcoholic beverage I would be a Vodka Cranberry because they’re sweet and girly so I was pretty pumped to be drinking it in an actual bar and not on the couch of some lame house party. Here’s another pic of the wasteypants festivities, which surprisingly turned out really cute:


^^^I LOVE US!!! So yeah, where was I? Oh yes, white girl wasted. So by the end of the night I was white girl wasted, and had to be up in the morning to get ready for school. I fell asleep as soon as I got home, but it felt like I had just zonked out when my alarm started ringing. After about ten minutes of laying in bed and contemplating my life after my alarm went off, I hauled my sorry hungover ass out of bed. It was a hardcore struggle. So I stumbled down the hall to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth to cure my dragon breath, when I started feeling really queasy. I ended up throwing up in the trash can mid brush. Of course I couldn’t have hurled BEFORE I started brushing my teeth – nope, that would make the shit show that is my life too easy. BUT that didn’t stop me from brushing my teeth again and making it through a shower. After I got cleaned up it seriously wore me out, and I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor in my towel taking Dixie cup shots of water for a solid fifteen minutes. At this point I was already going to be late for class, so I decided to just say “fuck it” and got back into bed. I ended up throwing up two more times until I started feeling a smidgen better. Needless to say, I was a hot ass wreck. After managing to pull myself out of my hangover abyss to make some food (which I scarfed down in record timing), I started feeling like a normal human being. Thank gawd.

^^^I humbly apologize for party rocking. 😦 😦 😦

I was planning on getting my talon nails filled after class today (if I went), so after I ate I slipped on a pair of harem pants and a t-shirt and went to my beloved nail tech Vinny to be pampered. I’ve decided that the hangover cure is harem pants and a manicure. It’s scientifically proven, because it worked on me! 😉 Vinny did a beautiful job as usual, my nails are now black and Barbie pink and I’m pretty in love! Usually I’m not a fan of pinks, but having it as an accent nail among my rocker black makes it the perfect combination of edgy and girly. Take a look:


^^^Love, love, love. #pronails #teamvinny

In conclusion: The hangover cure is harem pants and pampering. It works like a charm! I hope all of you are having a terrific week! Do you have any fun weekend plans? What’s your favorite nail polish color combination? I want to hear all from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah