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AFI Concert!!

AFI Concert!!

Hiii everyone and happy Thursday!! So Tuesday night was my 23rd birthday outing with my sister and it was a blast. Kristen treated me to tickets to see my favorite band, AFI, in concert at my favorite venue, the House Of Blues, in Cleveland. For the past three months since I knew that AFI was coming to my neck of the woods, I have had many an emo girl fantasy about this concert. Seriously – you guys have no idea how much I love them, so Kristen hit the nail on the head with this birthday gift!


Sissy! ❤

Despite a horrific drive to Cleveland, the night was a great big blasty blast. And by horrific drive I mean that literally every single traffic light in downtown Cleveland wasn’t working so it was an all out free for all on the road. It was straight up anarchy and it was absolutely terrifying. SO after locating a parking garage, a lot of deep breathing, and not thinking about the movie montage of your life that flashes before your eyes when you’re scared, we made our way to some actual fun.

The most wonderful thing about the House Of Blues is the opportunity that comes with seeing shows there. The venue is so open (yet intimate), that it’s really easy to plant yourself in prime position right in front of the stage. Kristen and I found ourselves with the best view at the end of the front row and it was magical, to say the least. Every show that I’ve been to at the HOB has provided me with a spectacular view of the stage and Tuesday night was no exception (Thank gawd!).

Now, I’m going to keep it real with you guys: I genuinely have no clue who opened the show. Lol, I was having myself a drink and a really good time so I wasn’t even paying attention. For once, the people standing by us were insanely cool so Kristen and I were chatting it up with them and it was so unexpectedly fun. Do I regret not listening to or even noticing the opening bands? Not really, lol. And from what I did hear I wasn’t impressed anyways so I can’t say that I was missing out on too much! 😉

Fast forward to when AFI came on stage and I got to see the man that I’ve been crushing on since I was nine years old in the flesh right in front of me. Guys. When I laid eyes on Davey Havok, I lost my shit – to put it mildly. 1) He’s drop dead gorgeous. 2) He’s drop dead talented. What a voice. What a performer. WHAT A MAN.

^^^ Unfortunately, the pics that I managed to snap aren’t the best and I can’t upload videos on to my posts so you’ll just have to take my word for how amazing AFI is live.

So there was a positive and negative to seeing my favorite band perform. The positive? AFI put on a hell of a show. They performed with so much energy that you could literally feel it radiating off of them and they sounded sublime. They sounded like angels that were singing sweet nothings into my ear and, in this instance, that was an actual thing. I got to hear Davey Havok sing, scream, and belt it out in that fluctuating low to high voice that is so uniquely his own. Talk about dying and going to heaven.

The show was fast paced, super emo, and so incredibly cool. So the negative? Idk, it felt a bit impersonal? Like, the songs kept coming one after the other and as much as I love me some Davey, I feel like he didn’t really care to build a rapport with the crowd. We were all showing the band the love and the whole show just seemed rushed. Not only that, but it felt like they weren’t on stage for all that long. Granted, this might just be me being greedy and wanting them to play all night, BUT STILL. I hate to say this, but after the encore was over and the show was officially done, the first words that Kristen and I shared with each other was “is that it?”. Whomp whomp.

BUT THE POSITIVE, THOUGH?! I got to hear my favorite band perform my favorite song at my favorite venue with my favorite person. I got to hear AFI play Silver And Cold. I got to hear the song that my nine year old self specifically bought the album Sing The Sorrow for. The first album I ever bought with my own money, as a matter of fact. That song has always been one of my all time favorites, not just by AFI, but in general. And I got to hear it live. What even. (Insert the part where I talk about how my inner emo kid felt an abundance of pure and complete joy. That happened.)

Forget about any negativity in this post because even with all things considered, Tuesday June 20th was one of the best nights of my life. There’s something so special about being able to see your favorite band perform right in front of your eyes and I got to experience that. Thank you so much to my amazing big sister for making that possible. I LOVE YOU, KRISTEN!! ❤

So there you have it, the AFI Concert! What shows are you going to this summer? What is your favorite concert that you’ve been to? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition

Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition

Howdy everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Davey Havok style! My #MCM this week is one that I’m quite shocked I haven’t wrote about sooner because I’ve had a crush on him since I was nine years old! Davey Havok will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my first love interests so it only seems appropriate to finally feature him! Take a listen to my all time favorite AFI song, “Silver And Cold”, and then let’s discuss:

Dear Davey Havok,

Oh, Davey. Davey, Davey, Davey. My older brother introduced me to the song I chose to honor you with when I was nine years old. After that fateful introduction, I became a hardcore AFI fan. In fact, AFI’s album, “Sing The Sorrow”, was the first CD I ever purchased. I still have it to this day, twelve years later, and I still love it just the same. Your music has gotten me through some of the darkest times of my life and for that I thank you. Your music has also helped me see the joy that can come out of dark situations and for that I also thank you. To put it lightly Davey, I am insanely infatuated with you. Your voice, your perfect face, your gorgeous hair! Hubba hubba, sir. But seriously, you have the most incredible voice no matter what you do with it – somber crooning, screaming, or that slightly high pitched singing that you do so well…It’s all nothing short of amazing. And can we please talk about your hair?! Please?! Black, blue, long, short, or angular which was stunning with your striking features – I love it all equally. You can do no wrong and once again I thank you so much for sharing your soul with the world. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


^^^ Perfection. Pure and utter perfection. ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition! Who is everyone’s #MCM this week? What is your all time favorite AFI song or Davey Havok hair style? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

A music dream come true!!!

A music dream come true!!!

Oh my goodness guys I am SO excited!!!! It’s been a dream of mine to see AFI in concert for ages, and on October 14th that dream will come true! They’re playing in Pittsburgh, and my sister and I are making the trip up there to see them. I’ve loved AFI ever since I was eleven years old. Sing the Sorrow was one of the very first albums I ever bought. Their music is just so incredible to me, and the fact that I finally get to see them live after loving them for so many years makes me giddy!!!

^^ Do yourselves a favor and watch one of their performances of Miseria Cantare and The Leaving Song Part 2. I watched this the other day and it blew my mind. They sound EXACTLY if not better than how they sound on the album. It takes very seasoned performers and extremely talented musicians to achieve that. Another reason I’m insanely amped for this show is because of my undying love for Mister Davey Havok. Lord have mercy on me. I’ve been so madly in love with his fine self ever since the day I discovered their music. HE’S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!


HOLY MOLY!!!! He’s so beautiful. I will find him at the concert. And I WILL make sweet, passionate love to him. And you can take that statement to the bank! Where are all of my AFI fans at on here? Comment me your favorite song or album by them! Happy Hump Day! -Sarah