A music dream come true!!!

A music dream come true!!!

Oh my goodness guys I am SO excited!!!! It’s been a dream of mine to see AFI in concert for ages, and on October 14th that dream will come true! They’re playing in Pittsburgh, and my sister and I are making the trip up there to see them. I’ve loved AFI ever since I was eleven years old. Sing the Sorrow was one of the very first albums I ever bought. Their music is just so incredible to me, and the fact that I finally get to see them live after loving them for so many years makes me giddy!!!

^^ Do yourselves a favor and watch one of their performances of Miseria Cantare and The Leaving Song Part 2. I watched this the other day and it blew my mind. They sound EXACTLY if not better than how they sound on the album. It takes very seasoned performers and extremely talented musicians to achieve that. Another reason I’m insanely amped for this show is because of my undying love for Mister Davey Havok. Lord have mercy on me. I’ve been so madly in love with his fine self ever since the day I discovered their music. HE’S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!


HOLY MOLY!!!! He’s so beautiful. I will find him at the concert. And I WILL make sweet, passionate love to him. And you can take that statement to the bank! Where are all of my AFI fans at on here? Comment me your favorite song or album by them! Happy Hump Day! -Sarah

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