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7 Home Decor Ideas For Any Budget

7 Home Decor Ideas For Any Budget

Want to do some serious home improvement but have no idea where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Listed below are seven home decor ideas that work for all budgets, so keep on reading to find out more:

Add a pop of color:

Bring your dull faded walls back from the dead with a fresh lick of paint. Color can help you achieve any atmosphere – so paint is a powerful home improvement tool. It is also DIY too! Painting yourself is not only super fun but is ideal if you want to cut back on costs. Ensure you know what you are doing first by first reading some simple instructions.

Color-wise, pale light colors like yellow and peach will work great if you want to recreate a vintage style home, while colors like red or dark blue will leave a bold statement. You don’t have to pick just one color either – you can combine colors. And, remember, paint doesn’t have to be reserved for just your walls. You can paint the floorboard, the front door, your picket fence, or your cabinets.


If you want a bigger home improvement than paint, opt for a full remodel as this is a change that will not go unnoticed. You can remodel any room but one of the most common rooms that people remodel is their bathroom. Source out a professional bathroom remodel company who can get the job done at a reasonable price.


A home just doesn’t feel right without the little quirky things. You can visit thrift and antique shops or browse Ebay to get your hands on some adorable nick-knacks that will add character to your home. A bonus is that these will be pretty cheap too!

Get a fireplace:

If you’ve got a chimney, make the most out of it by getting a stylish fireplace. This will be in the heart of your home and is perfect for those cozy winter nights. There are many styles to choose from and you can even modernize your current one.

Invest in a stair runner:

Improve the aesthetic of your boring staircase by purchasing some stair runners. You can get whatever color or patterns you like, regardless of design it is a sure way to add charm to your home. Don’t be afraid to purchase a few because you can change them out accordingly to the season!

Change your lighting:

You don’t have to settle for the typical light bulb in a plain lamp. You can get fairy lights (of whichever colors) to achieve a story book look, a chandelier if you’re feeling classy, or if you’re a lover of all things retro – buy some lanterns. You can improve the lighting anywhere in your home – including the garden.

Buy flowers:

Don’t neglect the exterior of your house! Decorating outdoors with flowers really helps to beautify your property. If you’re scared of bees or don’t trust yourself to look after plants, get artificial flowers (nobody will be able to tell the difference anyway). Read more on exterior home decor tips.

Restyling your home is so fun but don’t forget that these things cost money. Set a budget, stick to it, and see what you can achieve!

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Keeping Up With Next Door: How You Can Give Your Home Ultimate Curb Appeal

Keeping Up With Next Door: How You Can Give Your Home Ultimate Curb Appeal

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians or any other celebrity, it’s all about what is going on next door and on your street. I don’t mean nosing into other people’s business, but the habit of keeping up with next door when it comes to your home is starting to creep up. It’s not a bad thing either, when done with the best intentions. You see to keeping your property looking good on the exterior, and if everyone else follows suit, it makes your street look like the perfect place to live. So if anyone happens to be selling their home it will help them out to no end if the rest of the homes matched and looked the part. It could even increase the value somewhat. So whether you want to start a trend or feel like you are letting your street down, here are some tips on how you can get the ultimate curb appeal.

Take Care of the Lawn: A well-kept lawn can really add to your curb appeal, but equally, an unkempt lawn can have the opposite effect. It is so important to ensure that you cut those lawned areas every time you have the opportunity to do so otherwise, before you know it, your front garden can turn into a bit of a jungle. It’s also a good idea to give your lawn a bit of TLC. You could do this by trimming the edges to your flower beds if you have them or giving the grassed area a feed to add some vitality and life to the health and color of it.

Think About Your Garage Doors, Windows, and Front Door: Now you need to focus your attention on the front of your property and how it looks. Broken garage doors, unclean windows, and an unpleasing front door just won’t do. Thankfully, a garage door repair is an easy resolve and even cleaning the windows and taking care of your door is all easily fixed. You may have someone who does a window cleaning service in your area or take some time to do it yourself. It may seem like a back breaking chore but it could make a world of difference to your home.

You could even consider replacing your front door with something new or striking, perhaps opting for a colored door. When replacing your doors, you will want to look somewhere with a wide inventory so you can see all of your options in front of you. Wrought iron, sturdy oak, or a pop of color are all wildly popular for giving your home an instant facelift.

It Doesn’t Take Long to Brush Away the Debris: We’re at that point in time where leaves are on the ground and there can be a bit of debris gathered around the front of your home. However, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t take long to brush all those away and majorly boost your curb appeal.

What About the Gutters? I know clearing out the gutters could be a job saved for that yearly “to do” list, but if you find that they are looking particularly overloaded or even causing drainage issues, then now is the time to get up there and give them a clear out. If you do not want to take on the job yourself, I am sure there will be a local service happy to resolve the problem for you.

Finally, why not add a bit of color to the front of your home by planting some pretty flowers or adding a few pots around your front door. It could be a lovely addition to the frontage of your property and will brighten up a blah door instantly.

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