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What A Pleasure!

What A Pleasure!

Hellooo everyone and happy Hump Day! Throughout my time at Tri-C, I’ve had a similar encounter with almost every single one of my professors, whether they be in class or online. A common theme of my interactions with them is that at some point during the semester they make it a point to tell me that it’s a pleasure to have me in the class. It may seem like a little thing but boy does it make me feel good!

After I received my all time favorite “you’re a pleasure to have in my class” compliment via email from my French teacher this week, I felt so proud of myself. I then proceeded to go down memory lane and think of all of the times that I’ve been told that (I hate to brag) during my college career and got even more warm and fuzzy. What is it about those simple words that gave me a huge burst of self confidence?

I guess it has to do with:

  • I’m receiving kind words from someone that I admire and respect.
  • I’m doing a sufficient job in my class.
  • My outgoing personality is something that my professors and classmates are responding positively to.

I’m a firm believer in the power of words and the fact that my professors have taken a brief moment out of their busy schedules to let me know that I’m alright in their book is something that really brightens my day. Interactions like these remind me of how important it is to offer a kind word, compliment, or a little something extra to help improve someone else’s day as well. So just as a friendly reminder to all of you: You’re all fantastic wonderful people and I hope that you’re having a great day! 🙂

Make sure you tune in with me tonight after the airing of the newest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel for my synopsis post and then check back in with me on Friday for What I Really Thought, as well! Until then, what is your favorite compliment that you’ve ever received? What is your favorite compliment to give people? (“Nice ass” doesn’t count!) I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Lil Red’s Soap Box Special

Lil Red’s Soap Box Special

Okayyyy guys, it’s time for one of our little heart to hearts, compliments of my experience at Starbucks this morning. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of my ass as I get up on my soap box…Here we go:

In my Sociology class we learned about people acting as bystanders and how if you are in a situation where you need help you are less likely to get it if there’s a lot of people around. I witnessed this first hand as I was waiting to get my coffee at Starbucks. It was mid morning and Sbux was fairly busy, with people seated throughout the store and standing in line for drinks. I was standing by the counter in full on zombie mode because I’m dead tired today and I’m sure that I made all of the employees uncomfortable by how intently I was staring at nothing…but that’s neither here nor there.

ANYWAYS, once I came to my senses I saw from across the store a man in a wheelchair struggling to open the door. Within half a second, I ran the length of the store before he reached the second door to open so I could get it for him. When I opened the door with a huge smile he thanked me so graciously and I noticed that he was an amputee. I waved him off with well wishes and headed back into the store to get my coffee as if nothing happened.

As I walked back to the counter to retrieve my drink, two ladies sitting RIGHT BY THE DOOR told me how sweet I was for helping this man. I had to bite my tongue, because I was very close to telling them that I was just acting on my responsibility to be a good person and to help those who need it. Instead, I smiled, thanked them, got my drink, and went home. This situation has been on my mind all day now and frankly, I’m disturbed by it. What is the world coming to if not one person in a room full of people will get up and hold the door open for someone? I just don’t get it. I mean, I get the whole bystander effect thing, and I was so glad to help this man – but why was it necessary for me to run across the store to get the door for someone who was showing such extreme difficulty?

I’m not writing this post as a way to say “look at me, I’m a good person” because that situation was just me being a person. I’m flattered that those ladies found my act sweet, but the thing is – it wasn’t sweet, it was something that’s ingrained in me to give my service to those who need it. Like I said, it was me being a person. The lack of initiative from everyone in the store to get up and do a simple favor to make someone’s day easier really bothers me. I know I’m kind of rambling at this point, but I don’t know guys, I’m all kinds of shook up by this. How can the world be a better place if no one can step up from their fucking frappachino for thirty seconds to hold open a door? Jesus Christ.

I guess the point of this post is just a friendly reminder to be kind to people, help one another, and don’t be a bystander. Alright, Lil Red’s Soap Box Special is complete. Rant over, but make sure you tune in next time I come across a social issue that irks my nerves. 😉 Until then, how is everyone’s day going so far? Has anyone ever encountered a situation similar to this? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

A Deeply Concerning Incident

A Deeply Concerning Incident

So when I was in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend there was an incident that occurred that really disturbed me. While my family and I were leaving breakfast as McDonald’s, there were two elderly gentlemen walking behind us. Both of them looked like they were struggling a lot to walk, but they were still carrying on with their conversation as if nothing was wrong. I was bringing up the rear in the family, so I lingered behind to hold the door open for the gents, then as they walked through I ran forward so I could get the other door for them. Both of the men were so thankful for this small act of kindness. They called me “little lady” and one of them told me that “not many people would do that” after he thanked me. I was genuinely shocked by this comment, and as I waved the gents off for the day with a smile and well wishes I couldn’t help but feel really sad. Here were these two elderly men who looked like they were in pain as they were walking – and yet not many people would hold open their door or flash them an extra smile? There’s something so severely wrong with that. The fact that I made those two strangers days a little bit better just by something as simple as holding open their door made me wonder why people don’t do that all of the time. For one, it took literally no extra energy to stay behind and hold the door open and for two, it took approximately one minute of time out of my day to pause and chit chat with the gents afterwards before going on my merry way. So to spell that out even more for you, here’s the numbers behind the brief chat and small favor:

  • No extra energy
  • One minute lost
  • Three days made (Mine included!)

I really like the looks of that. There are sooo many small things that people can do throughout the day to make someone else’s better. It can range from asking a stranger how their day is going, waiting those extra seconds to keep the door open for someone, or just shooting out a compliment at someone who looks like they’re having a rough day. When I had my run in with those two gentlemen I saw how much of an impact that one tiny act of kindness can have on someone, and the fact that people choose to hurry past these situations even though they take a minute of time or less kind of sickens me. I don’t understand how someone could let the door slam in front of an elderly man or why a passerbyer wouldn’t offer some extra attention to a person clearly having a bad day. Next time you see a stranger whose day could be improved – I suggest you jump on the opportunity to assist their situation. I’m very confident that both of you will end up feeling a lot better afterwards.

I guess this post is just a Lil Red PSA reminding everyone to be kind to one another – because you really never know what a stranger is going through. Has anyone performed a random act of kindness lately? Has anyone recently made your day with a RAK? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah