Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD Bloopers

Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD Bloopers

Hello everyone and welcome to the blooper reel from my Here (Sort Of) Comes The Sun OOTD! Although, I will correct myself right there because the bloopers from this shoot aren’t all that bad and, no, I’m not just flattering myself lol. For the first time in the almost four years that Johnny and I have been together, I had to take pictures using a tripod because he wasn’t feeling well. There were some definite pros and cons to this method, one of the pros being that I could actually see how I looked when I was taking each picture! Let’s discuss further:


I could have a go at new faces that I might not necessarily try during my rapid fire shoots with Johnny. They didn’t turn out picture perfect, but that’s nothing a little practicing in the mirror can’t solve!



The tripod is not as tall as Johnny so trying to find just the right position for my body in relation to the camera was a bit difficult. Sometimes I had a peahead, other times I looked way bigger than I actually am, and it would take me a minute to find the position again after getting it just right.



It was somewhat rewarding to take these pictures by myself. I also was able to give myself less work in terms of scrutinizing each pic afterwards because I could see what I was doing! When Johnny takes my pictures, I just hope for the best and see what comes out of it once we’re done.


One of the HUGE cons of taking pictures with a tripod is the constant back and forth. Set the ten second timer, run back into position, hope I ended up back where I was standing before, figure out a pose and face, take the picture, rinse, repeat. I was seriously sweating by the time I was done and this was a major turn off for me for tripod pictures.


If my husband photographer is ever under the weather on photo shoot Saturdays, I’ll still be able to create content by myself and that’s great! I depend on these weekly OOTDs to keep my daily writing streak (almost four years!) on lifewithlilred going and that is always a plus.


Taking pictures with Johnny is so familiar to me. I know how he holds the camera, I know where to stand in relation to him, and I like the way my body looks in the pictures he takes. Tripod shooting will definitely require a lot of practice for optimum success as well as investing in a new one with a bit more height. Honestly, I’d really rather not do either!


Tripod shooting was time consuming! When I shoot with Johnny, it takes about five minutes. Shooting with the tripod took at least twenty and I didn’t love that.

Will I try using the tripod again in the future? If it calls for it, then yes. However, I much prefer photo shoot Saturdays with my darling blog husband and will continue to call on his point and shoot expertise whenever I can! ❀

Do you like taking pictures with a tripod? Who takes the best pictures of you? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



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  1. For “run around” pictures these turned out pretty well!! Certainly much more work; I’ve done it on occasion, so kudos to you for getting it done. I wonder if there is an app that would snap a pic every three seconds and save you the running about? Could you take a video and pull still frames from that? Might save you the running back and forth. Hope J is felling better!!


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