My Quarantine Beauty Routine

My Quarantine Beauty Routine

Hi! Living in a lock down state has definitely put a damper on my beauty routine. In fact, I can probably count on under ten fingers the amount of times I’ve put a full face of makeup on since March nineteenth. Sure, it’s nice to be feeling myself after I beat my face but, at the end of the day, it’s not like Johnny and I do anything so what’s the point?

Every once in a while I’ll put some mascara and blush on but, for the most part, my face has been au natural. Because of that, I have really just been enjoying doing face masks on my already blank face in the evening. I have also incorporated a night time skin care routine into my beauty regimen. I used to not have one, as I never took my makeup off before bed. But, now, I always apply my serum, eye cream, and moisturizer before bed too.

Although I miss doing my makeup, I like sleeping in before work more! Lol, what I really miss is shopping. I’m not comfortable making my rounds in a store like TJMaxx or Target yet. And, when I find some cute, in season clothes online I realize that no one will probably see me in it till next year so what’s the point? I mainly have just been ordering my skin care online and extra hand soaps from Bath & Body Works when I need it.

On the bright side, this lack of shopping and applying makeup has saved me money. The lack of going out to restaurants and bars and doing my eating (And drinking!) at home also saves me money. So, when the fateful day comes that I can finally have a TJ’s shopping trip without having a panic attack, I know the haul that will be purchased will be totally guilt free. Score!

What do you miss doing most while in quarantine? How have your normal routines been affected? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Great post! I know how you feel. I haven’t worn a full face of make up since the beginning of March. The most I’ve done is a bit of mascara and tinted lip balm (that no one can see under my mask. Haha!)

    I recently posted my quick everyday make up routine that I think would work great given the situation we’re currently facing.
    Would you mind please checking it out and telling me what you think?

    Much love,
    Giovanna 🐞

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  2. I miss going next store to my favorite cafe called The Grindstone with all it’s witchy things and visiting with everyone. I mean I love my husband but he’s a ‘guy’. Maybe someday…


  3. Norway is really relaxed now with corona stuff, but I feel I hit the reset button for my skin during quarantine. I, too. do a skincare routine. I workout and feel ick without doing it!


  4. I’m so lucky that I live where I do and had the job that I had. There have been no difference in my normal day at all. Of course the shops and so on closed down, but I got to keep working, and all the shops opened again quite a while ago. Luckily most people are doing their best keeping their distance when shopping, but it still feels a bit uncomfortable to go out with so many people around!
    Saving money is a great side benefit to the crisis πŸ˜‰
    And btw, since I really enjoy reading your blog I have nominated you to the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award; feel free to join in, but don’t feel pressured to πŸ™‚


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