Moving On Up: TJMaxx Haul Edition

Moving On Up: TJMaxx Haul Edition

Hi! As you all know, Lil Red is Moving On Up! So, this means that some shopping has been in order for my new apartment. Over the weekend, I visited TJMaxx and Target to begin the task of gathering my home essentials. I have been having a blast picking out new furnishings and knick knacks but I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t a little stressful. But, hauls full of new stuff makes it a bit more tolerable! Like the following:


*Not pictured: A full length mirror because it’s impossible to take a good picture of a full length mirror!*

Grand Total: $95

At TJs, I picked up quite a few kitchen utensils as well as an adorable and appropriate little red toaster. I also grabbed a suction cupped caddy for my shower, which is a must to hold my charcoal face bar, scruffy, and smell goods. To continue on with keeping things clean, I chose a new hamper for twenty bucks that I love because it has a lid on it so that I can keep all of my dirty laundry in there. And, to top it off, I got myself a full length mirror to help style my OOTDs in my bedroom.

I felt like I got a solid amount of stuff for what I paid for in this haul and it took care of a lot of essentials that I will need in my apartment. Granted, I still need a ton of bigger items to furnish my place with but the little things are important, too, and I’m glad to be taking care of it! 😀

What are some apartment essentials that I am going to need? Where is your favorite place to shop for home goods? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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