Pacer Progress (Or Lack Thereof)

Pacer Progress (Or Lack Thereof)

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! This past month has been a total and complete shit show and, needless to say, my activity level has been pretty low. All of my motivation to make big gains on my pedometer app has essentially flown out the window, and I’ve been having a hard time peeling my depressed self off of the couch. So, my stats for the month are definitely not the best. 😦

  • Total Steps: 959,262
  • Calories Burned: 23,591
  • Hours Walked: 148
  • Miles Walked: 315

And, to make matters worse, my activity level dropped from being ninety percent more active than the people using Pacer to a whopping forty-three percent. Whomp freaking whomp.

Now that I realize how low I let my movement get during my depression stupor, I am SO ready to get back on the horse and keep going until I start making good progress again. It’s going to be difficult, because I’ve been feeling so sluggish lately. But, once I get started, it will go back to being easier to get my 10,000 steps in no time. So, here we go!

How do you get yourself back on the horse after a stint with depression? What motivates you? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I’ve been in a major funk the last month or so. My second to worst one yet. I’m not sure how to get out of it but I’m aiming to add an extra 1000 steps to my day each week and go from there. Seeing the data in black and white on my Fitbit app is really confronting on the bad days and does drive me to do better but it doesn’t last, I need something more. Let me know if you find anything else that works for you! Xx


  2. After I fall off the horse, I normally lay on the ground for a while blaming myself for falling off the horse. Then the depression turns to anger and I blame the horse for letting me fall off of it. Then I blame the people around me for not seeing me about to fall off the horse and not helping me out. And then after all this blaming, I realize, nobody cares that I fell off the horse and the horse is laughing at me.
    Then I get back on the horse and keep moving forward after I realize that I have to make the choice to keep pushing myself and no one is going to help me ride that horse to my ultimate destination.

    Its not about the journey or the destination, its the transformation that you make along the way.

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